Happy Thoughts

I’m not exactly the most optimistic person in the world but I was thinking (like you do) that I’ve got a lot to look forward to in the next month or so. I put down the start of a deposit for a house the other day with a couple of my friends and the rest is being finalised this week. It means I need to watch my money though and start budgeting a bit better because I seem to have spent quite a lot recently.

That was exciting though, knowing we’ve secured a house. It’s only a small 3 bedroom property but we all loved it as soon as we looked round; it’s so cosy. I managed to volunteer for the smallest bedroom as well which at least is bigger than the bedrooms in halls and has a double bed! I’ve never had a double bed in my life. It’s in a nice area as well near the shops and a few of the clubs but it is further away from the Uni which means getting up earlier if it’s an early start. It’s not too expensive either, probably about what I’m paying now to live in halls and the bills are an extra £12 on top for as much heating and electric as we want as long as we don’t use an excessive amount.

I’ve got my Birthday to look forward to as well which isn’t far off (11th February just in case anyone was wondering :D.) I’m not particularly excited about it though since they just aren’t the same when you get older. Also it will be at Uni for the first time instead of home which will be strange but good hopefully. A couple of my friends from home are coming up to stay in a hotel for the weekend though and we are going out for my birthday so that will be cool.

Then about a week later I’m going to see Russell Howard! I’d never really watched his stand up show before Uni and then a friend introduced me to it and it’s pretty funny so we booked tickets to see him. Really looking forward to that actually, I’ve never seen a comedian live before. Next post will be about new things I have done/ learnt at Uni so far as the Russell Howard thing reminded me of it. Watch this space!

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