Last Day At Home

I can’t quite believe I leave for Uni tomorrow. The past week seems to have gone so quickly and this time tomorrow I will be in my new bedroom (or most likely out haha!) around new people who will be sharing exactly the same experience. I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard the phrase ‘everyone’s in the same boat!’ and I have to admit, I’ve used it a fair few times myself but it’s true.

Today has been full of last minute shopping, packing and goodbyes to family which has been exhausting but really nice at the same time. I finally feel ready to ’embark’ on my journey (not sure whether that’s the right word) and I seriously don’t know how it’s all going to fit in the car! I ended up buying lots of food, chopping boards (nearly forgot those!) tights (can never have too many) and various other bits that I probably wont need but I’m starting to think that’s the point of Uni packing. Once I actually started packing, I ended up taking nearly everything but the hardest decision is when you don’t have enough room and you have to decide whether you really need that extra scarf or top that is more suited for the summer.

So that was shopping and packing done, it was just goodbyes left, most of which will be done tomorrow but it was nice to get together for a big meal to celebrate. After more presents, (I didn’t think this was possible after loads of presents from work and friends) I now have enough food to last me a lifetime and a bottle of wine! (Essential for students). I also seem to have ended up with 3 packets of paracetamol from various people who have warned me about hangovers so I think I’ll be fine in that department! (Thanks guys)

Oh and thank you to everyone who has wished me good luck, I will try and update soon 🙂

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