Moving Day

So I’m finally here. After weeks of waiting, I am now officially a Uni student. I have unpacked most of my stuff which took ages and it’s still not done 🙁 It is also already a mess much like everyone else’s I’m sure and one of the cupboard doors falls off every time I open it. (Should probably get that sorted.) Apart from that the room is actually pretty good and I’m not so worried about having an en-suite now. The showers are literally round the corner from me so I can just roll out of bed and go haha.

Our floor seems to be the place to be which is good. Everyone is so friendly and there’s always something going on like music or ring of fire. It was quite overwhelming at first especially trying to learn everyone’s name when they all say it at once but I know most of them now.

People were debating whether to go out last night as most had been out Tuesday and Wednesday and were still hungover when I got there. A guy on my corridor invited us all to a house party his friend was having so we all took a taxi over there. Then we moved onto the clubs which were packed but so good. Got home about 2:30 after walking back in the dark because we couldn’t be bothered to get a taxi but I still don’t really know my way round.

Enjoying it so far and  I’ll keep everyone updated.

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