Power Cut

So it’s been a few days since I’ve posted but a lot has happened since then. I think the strangest was a power cut one night that affected the whole city but luckily a few of us were in the common room so there was emergency lighting. One minute we were watching the TV and then everything went off including my friend’s washing which was half done so we had to wait even longer for it to dry. Some of my flat mates had gone out to Oceana to the foam party and were in the club in the dark but it wasn’t for long luckily and I think they all found it pretty funny anyway!

Another night one of my flat mates made everyone fajitas and we had a big fajita night. We even managed to dress up a bit by drawing on moustaches with my eye liner. I really wish I had some pictures but we were so busy scoffing food that we didn’t really think about it haha. That’s probably one of the best meals I’ve had at uni so far considering my skills are mostly limited to pizza and pasta! I am determined that by the end of the year I will be able to cook at least 5 (okay so maybe 3) decent meals. Some of the others can cook really well so maybe there will be more nights like that (fingers crossed.)

After that we weren’t sure what to do because we were all staying in. We were all too tired from going out most nights so it was good to have a night in. We ended up playing hide and seek with the whole corridor which was funny as everyone was rushing in and out of rooms trying to find somewhere to hide. There were some pretty inventive hiding spaces like on top of wardrobes and behind fridges. I managed to squeeze under someone’s bed and in the shower. I don’t think any other halls have played hide and seek haha just us.

I’m managing to find my way round a bit better now too. We walk to West Quay shopping centre a lot or “West Qway” as one of them thought it was called ( you know who you are haha) for some shopping as there is an Asda right outside. I’m trying to be really careful with my money but it’s hard to plan meals for yourself when you’ve never had to before. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of things eventually.

In between all that I’ve been watching random YouTube videos (always fun), cutting tops for The Big Night Out (which I did wrong and had to staple together) and took a trip to London yesterday to a photography and fashion museum. Also I started my lectures on Monday which are quite full on already but I’ve met some nice people and it all sounds exciting.

I’ve gone home for the weekend now and it’s really nice to see all my family again and hopefully a few friends tomorrow. Then it will be back at uni tomorrow evening and out again for more clubbing. Next post I hope to include some pictures 🙂


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