Tiredness and Early Mornings

It’s only been a few days but I’m already tired. My sleeping patterns have completely changed and everything seems like effort! I didn’t go out last night which I’m glad about now because I started my course today at 9. Nearly everyone else seemed hungover and it seemed strange having to get up before 11.

Once I got there it was fine except for a bit of trouble finding the room I was meant to be in. It’s all so big! Everyone else was having trouble too though so I managed to find someone on my course and we stuck together the whole day. I got given a timetable but I think they change every week (confusing!) and I only have one 9:30 start which is nice. They told us so much that I can’t remember most of it and enrolment is tomorrow but if I just take everything I should be fine! There is even a trip to London on Friday which sounds really good.

Done a bit more shopping in Asda and hopefully going out tonight if I can cope with getting up in the morning.


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