The Art of Dating

I am not an expert in this area to be honest. I’ve been on a few dates but here’s a list of the types and how they end up being a bit awkward at times.


So this is the laid back relaxing date or so it appears anyway. I think I’d rather be taken on a coffee date than dinner. Can I say that? It’s so much less faff and I normally end up embarrassing myself with a massive pizza or pasta etc since I’m not the most graceful of eaters! Anyway, tea and coffee is a lot more of a relaxing affair where you can truly get to know the other and how they take their drink. Are they a strong, silent type like an Americano or a chatty, laidback type like a latte? (That’s a load of rubbish but I was quite impressed with my analogies there!)

The only thing about this date is the length of time it requires. (Nada.) There are only so many cups of tea you can eek from a pot and if it’s coffee well let’s just hope you are a very interesting person.


Again, I like this form of dating since everyone is more willing to talk with a few drinks in them but there’s always that worry at the back of my mind that I will end up drinking too much and embarrass myself. Is that just me? Oh well… just don’t buy me a lot of drinks and we’ll be fine.

Another problem with this is the noisy surroundings of the bar. I end up going WHAT? This happens about a hundred times just trying to hear over drunken people or music. Not fun but hey ho; the free alcohol helps 😉


I used to think this was a good idea and in retrospect it seems it but there is no opportunity to actually talk to your date unless before or after the film but even then there is two hours of silence whilst the film is on. As a film fanatic myself, I’m not ruling this one out as I do love going to the cinema but how good would it be to have an interval in cinemas like in theatres so we could catch up with our companions and phones? (Of course.)


Oh the infamous dinner date; romantic but awkward. Even though some of the restaurants I have been taken out to aren’t typically posh, I still find conversation a little awkward. I have no idea why since I am truly enjoying myself but maybe it’s just the formal setting that intimidates me. The fact that I have to eat (and finish) two or more meals also seems a bit much. Gosh I sound ungrateful…

I love food don’t get me wrong but doesn’t anyone feel all of a sudden full when they have to eat out? Maybe I’m just nervous I don’t know but dinner dating is a tricky one. Maybe I’ll grow to enjoy it who knows.


My favourite. It’s outdoors, it’s food you can pick at and it’s casual. What more could you want? Pick food that you both like of course and choose a nice place to eat it where you won’t be pooed on by seagulls or kicked in the face by a football. You can sunbathe too. Did I ever mention how much I love sunbathing? No? Well, I really love sunbathing so my sort of picnic doesn’t involve much walking just eating and lying there in the sun. Bliss.


In case you don’t know what I mean by this, it’s the type of date where you do something more outlandish like going on a boat or playing sports, I don’t know. I haven’t actually been on one but I know friends who have and think it’s a good bonding experience. I guess if you share an interest like that it would be good to do. Knowing me and my boyfriend it would end up football orientated. Oh wait we have been on one of these! Surprisingly fun I promise.

So there you have it, there’s my lowdown of the types of dating. There might be a follow up on this I haven’t decided, so watch this space.

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