Are Dating Apps Healthy?

There are many apps you can get for iPhones from gaming, cooking, fitness, music and news but none quite like the dating apps. Sure, we must expect they are out there but some take it to a whole new level. Having never used them myself I can only turn to the help of friends who have accounts and well, use my own views on them  to create this article. Those of you who know me and maybe even those that don’t will know where I stand on this issue. I think they’re one of the worst apps ever invented.

I am not saying it because I don’t need and wish to use them or to spite others but I genuinely think it’s a downgrade in society. (Can I go so far as to say that?) It’s so sad that dating or rather flirting has come to this. I know there’s a funny side to it and lots of people just use them for a laugh but where do we draw the line? Some people who use them unfortunately come across as quite desperate and it’s actually uncomfortable to read some of the chat up lines used. Although they aren’t your typical dating agency where you meet up with the online partner, I still think it does a lot of damage.

What gets me most is the part where you flick through peoples photos to see who you like. What could be more judgemental than that?! Have we got no respect anymore?! It frustrates me that we are told time and time again to not judge a book by its cover yet these apps, most notably new additions to the dating world, just throw it all back in our faces by saying it’s okay. Well it’s not. The photos on there don’t represent what people really look like and are mostly taken from Facebook accounts. I’ve watched friends use these apps and when they automatically dismiss someone because they aren’t ‘good looking enough’ it makes me feel sad. What about their personality? I don’t know about you but what people are like on the inside matters more to me than their looks.

One app calculates the matches you have got which is basically where if the person whose profile you liked also likes yours you are a match. The thing is you can get up to 20 of these matches which seems ridiculous to be honest. How are you meant to choose? It’s not exactly a reflection of real life. I’ve never had 20 guys come up to me and start flirting. Anyway, the point is of those that you choose to message, there is always that feeling that they are there because of their looks and nothing else. It seems most people on there don’t take it seriously anyway.

What is it really doing to our mental well-being though? It promotes the fact that we need to look a certain way to attract the opposite sex’s attention which in a way is true but not to the extent that these apps suggests! Where has real dating gone? Yes, in some cases it is harder to meet people in this day and age what with people having less money and social time but I think we need to make the effort to go out rather than fool around online and dent our confidence.

I’m not against all online dating. I think and eHarmony are a great idea. They look safe for the most part and are respectful, sensible ways to start talking to people you share interests with. However, I think these newer apps are another young fad that will hopefully pass and people will start to realise they have better things to do with their time.





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