“The Best Way To Get A Bikini Body Is To Put A Bikini On Your Body.”

I love this quote. Never have I heard something quite so honest and to the point. A bit like my humour I suppose. I stumbled upon this in Cosmo magazine and I think all girls should take note.

We are almost coming to the end of summer but many of us will probably be going away during August and for me, September, so I thought this needed addressing. Every girl will be either shopping for or debating which bikini they will take on their holiday then immediately dismiss the one they have in favour of a new one. If we only have one, we will most definitely need at least another two, you know, just for a change. Once this whole kerfuffle is resolved it then comes down to how good we will actually look in said bikini.

So much thought is put into various diets, tanning, manicures, pedicures and goodness knows what else to make us look, well to be honest, pretty much the same but more like a shiny tangerine in a bikini. Why do we do this to ourselves? We don’t need to perfect a ‘bikini body’, we wear underwear every day without all this faff so what’s the difference?  Granted, not everyone sees our underwear every day but the lengths we go to for holidays are a bit ridiculous, right?

Magazines constantly tell us how to get this so called ‘bikini body’ and I just flick right past these pages. I’ve never been one to worry about my weight and you shouldn’t be either. Everyone can wear a bikini; it’s just down to having the confidence to do it. Yes, there may be people who judge but they are secretly jealous of how you can prance about in a bikini like that when they don’t have the guts to.

So that’s the diet ditched. Now for the tanning. Just don’t. Unless you can do it well and it looks natural; avoid tanning so you don’t end up like an orange. It can ruin the effect of that amazing bikini you took ages to choose and cost you all of your wages. Then there are the manicures and pedicures. I can proudly say I’ve never had either purely because I don’t have the patience to sit still that long, I’m incredibly ticklish and the thought of a stranger holding my hands and touching my feet especially is just strange! So that’s that sorted. Looks pretty but it will be messed up in seconds I promise.

I think the deal breaker for the pre-bikini makeover though is the sheer cost of everything. Tanning products cost a ridiculous amount for something that makes you look like a traffic light. Professional manis and pedis are just the same and any other preening products come at a price and admit it girls, do any of them really make much difference? NO! So ditch all those pointless products and just wear your bikini with pride. Learn to love your body and have a stress free holiday because after all isn’t that what holidays are all about?

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