My Holiday In Malia

So it’s basically the end of summer now and the last thing I had planned was a trip to Crete with my friends. I have never been on a girl’s holiday before and it was eventful to say the least. Having never been on a plane before either (I know, where have I been living? Under a rock?) I was pretty clueless about the whole travelling abroad thing which made the whole experience that much more amusing.

I had been worrying over the plane journey for months since I am pretty much terrified of heights and being at 36,000 feet for 4 hours didn’t really sound like my cup of tea. However, many people reassured me for which I thank them because it was actually quite enjoyable! Gatwick made me feel like a child at Christmas as well but we won’t go into that…

I was so relieved to get to the hotel after all the travelling, I just wanted to collapse to be honest but hey ho we were off again out to dinner which did give me a little more energy. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about Greece; it is that the food is amazing! Every night we were treated to a massive pasta, pizza, burger (okay none of this sounds greek) um I tried Moussaka? Which was really nice and I will definitely be eating more of. We also tried the local drinks called Ouzo and Raki which smelt like nail varnish remover and probably tasted about as bad. None of that thank you very much.

We seemed to eat so much on the holiday which was inevitable since the restaurant owners were desperate for us to come to their restaurants. Another thing which struck me was how friendly all the people were. They were quite happy to tell us all about the area and said hello and asked us about our day every time we passed the restaurant. Aw!  We even got one 3 course meal for 9 euros!! It tasted amazing too. No wonder we all came back with money to spare. Oh and the free (and very strong) drinks saved us a fair bit too. There was one bar that  we went to, no idea of the name but we named it ‘The Hammock Bar’ for obvious reasons as they had hammocks hanging from the ceiling! So we sat in them while sipping cocktails. It was pretty cool to say the least without me going over the top. We did spend a lot of time spinning round in them though much to the amusement (or annoyance) of the waitress ha.

Most days were spent chilling by the pool which was fine by me. It was so nice to sunbathe and get really hot then just dip in the pool. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed in my life. The hotel also had its own beach which was really nice and some of us decided to pluck up the courage to go banana boating! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I can’t work out whether it was terrifying or fun. Imagine sitting on this inflatable banana, gripping it so hard with your arms and legs that they ached while salty water literally blinded you and flew in your mouth. Yeah, exactly, but it was hilarious and I didn’t fall off except into the middle of the two bananas which I was proud of. I haven’t laughed so much in ages so it must have been fun!

My favourite day was the boat cruise. It was a 5 hour day on the boat which travelled round Crete giving you a tour of the island, letting you get off to swim and snorkel and a buffet lunch. The weather was brilliant as it was the whole week and we managed to get a seat right at the front of the boat. This did mean that we got sprayed all the time but it was nice and refreshing so we didn’t mind. Getting off the boat to swim was my favourite bit and we swam over to a little cave and the beach. The buffet lunch was really good as well, with a glass of wine to wash it down of course. It was so pretty and again, relaxing that I could have stayed on there all day.

The place where we stayed was nice but not all that was portrayed online which I’m sure is the case with many other holidays. Nevertheless, it was still very pretty and meant I got to share a room with two of my friends which is always fun. I was subject to snoring, sleep talking and a drunk episode… thanks guys 😉

One thing I haven’t mentioned is the heat. I have never experienced anything like it. The highest it got was 32C which I thought was pretty hot and really saps your energy. Most of the time it was bearable, like when you are beside the pool or beach but the rooms were ridiculously hot and I did probably complain a bit. Sorry guys! I’m just not used to it but for the most part it was amazing except for coming back to England and stepping off the plane which felt like entering the Antarctic.

We didn’t really want to leave Monday evening and spent the day browsing round gift shops and buying presents. I could have bought everything, no joke. There were so many nice purses, bags, jewellery and handmade plates but I restrained myself and just bought a purse. (It’s a beaut). It was a mission trying to get all the presents to fit in the suitcases again and one of my friends was even sitting on her suitcase whilst trying to zip it up! I was cracking up as I had been all week. We really had a laugh which should be what a girl’s holiday is all about. I’ll stop with the adjectives after this sentence, I promise. I had a fantastic time and tried a whole new hoard of things which was a perfect way to end the summer. Thanks for making it so enjoyable girls! 🙂

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