Second Year Student

After lugging the rest of my stuff (and there’s a lot of it believe me) back to my new flat, I am now officially moved in and have just over a week before uni starts again. It’s been kind of strange going back to a flat instead of halls, surrounded by everyone else, but nice as well. We still have the noise of people in the flat above us though which can be quite irritating at times when you are trying to sleep and World War 3 seems to be going on up there. (I’m joking, it was only an action film but I’m pretty sure I could have told you the plot line of said film.) They also like to move furniture at odd times but I’m sure they hear me singing while I’m washing up so it’s a two way thing. (Whoops.)

We haven’t met the neighbours yet but it can only be a matter of time. I reckon they might host a house party or two which is something different about this year to first year. House parties instead of clubbing nights. Well a bit of both hopefully but house parties are so much more social than going clubbing where I can barely hear people over the music and you end up just dancing when conversation fails. This is unless you smoke and you can socialise outside…in the cold. I’m good actually. House parties it is.

One thing I wanted to do this term was to be more organised and it’s not going too badly so far. I have made sure I know the times of various meetings and tutorials for uni which I have written on my calendar and post it notes. (I’m so proud of myself.) I even had a productive day yesterday which involved cleaning the kitchen floor, bathroom floor, hoovering my room, washing up and picking up some bits in town. I honestly don’t know what’s got into me. I may actually be growing up.

Moving away has its downfalls though. I do miss my family and friends a lot but I know they’re only a phone call away and always willing to hear about what I’ve been up to (or what silly thing I’ve managed to do next). I know it’s only going to take time to get back into the swing of things and with some more of my friends moving in next week, I can’t wait to catch up with them again and get ready for uni.

This time last year I was leaving home for my first year of uni which is a weird thought. I’m glad that bit is over now. I feel sorry for this year’s freshers. One of my friends has been helping the new lot move in and said some of them look scared but it’s the parents that look more afraid and fire questions about the area and what their child will get up to. Ah, they will be fine I promise. It’s a massive learning curve and if like me you aren’t a dab hand in the kitchen or at washing, it will mean many laughs trying to work things out. My boyfriend is also helping the freshers out at events through the two weeks of freshers. (See, we second years do care about you despite what you may think!)

Aside from uni, there is an opportunity for possible work experience over Christmas which means everything should hopefully be coming together. This only means testing my organisation more…bring it on!

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