A Change Of Heart

For all those who are wondering why my blog hasn’t been updated for months on end, I apologise and vow to update it more often from now on. A lot has happened these past few months and I haven’t really felt like writing about it up until now.

In November of last year, I made the very difficult decision to drop out of Uni. It came as a surprise to my friends and even to myself as I have always envisioned my life in education until I got a job as a writer. Life doesn’t always pan out the way you imagine and you just have to make the best of it when it doesn’t. People keep saying to me Uni isn’t for everyone which is true on some level but I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s more to it than that. I think Uni was for me (minus the rubbish course I chose) but I felt like I was living two lives. Where most people had lost contact with friends at home and got used to seeing their family every few months or longer, I always slipped back into home life like I’d never left. Maybe it is like that for some people who still go to Uni but I’ve never felt so unhappy in my life and I just felt like my life was at a dead end. (Through no fault of anyone at Uni may I add.)

I now live back at home where I am much happier. Although I don’t have a job as a writer which is ultimately what I want to do, I have a job and am earning money. That’s the main thing right? I still believe I can get where I want to in life without going to Uni. A few of my friends have proved that to me. I don’t regret going, I tried it and realised it wasn’t what I wanted in life. Although, I’m not quite sure what I do want now.

This isn’t one of my more comical posts; in fact, it’s probably the most serious post I have written. The only regret I do have about Uni is, well actually there are two. Firstly, to have chosen a different course because I pretty much hated all of it and secondly, tell more people that I’d dropped out of Uni which is easier said than done! I knew my friends wouldn’t judge me but I was still embarrassed and couldn’t face everyone’s questions. I still don’t really like talking about it now but I have so many amazing memories from my time at Uni, that it will remain a bittersweet phase in my life.

Just a few of the (mostly stupid) things I did whilst at Uni:

  • Microwaved noodles without water (it burns a hole through the middle and they don’t cook surprisingly; don’t try it)
  • Put washing on without a washing tablet (easily done)
  • Had KFC and Nandos in the same day (because why not?)
  • Helped steal someone’s mattress and throw it down the fire escape (everyday occurrence in halls)
  • Signed up to the gym and quit a month later ( the 5 minute work outs tired me out and some stupid person put a Costa right opposite)
  • Lost my student card twice and found it the next day (Yeah…)
  • Broke the tap in my room and the water wouldn’t stop running (nearly flooded the place)
  • Survived with my limited cooking skills and cooked casserole for 4 (proud moment)

Those were just some of the things that happened at Uni. There were a lot more good and bad times but it really is an experience of a lifetime whether you finish the full 3 years or drop out. Good luck to those who are still there and I hope you all get where you want to in life 🙂

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  1. 20/02/15 / 11:55 pm

    Ah, uni days. I loved my uni days, but I did do a course that I only realized later wasn’t what I wanted to do. I went from science to writing. Bit of a change and a shock to let people know. But I’m back at uni studying writing and it’s amazing!

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