7 Things You Can Do Now It’s Nearly Spring

Winter is finally starting to disappear, with the days getting warmer and the evenings staying lighter for longer. We can take comfort in knowing it’s getting closer to summer and holidays and tans to be proud of. Moods are lifted and boring things like work or walking the dog seem fun just because the sun is out. Okay maybe not work unless you are a builder or something…

So to mark the occasion, I’ve made a list of things that change when we hit that spring season.

  1. Finally being able to leave the house without wanting to go straight back inside again

Everyone knows that awful feeling you get when you step outside in the winter (on the rare occasion you leave the house) and it feels like the Antarctic’s hit. Now there’s no excuse to hibernate with a cup of tea and Netflix to avoid the weather. Slightly sad about this but you don’t have to drive to the shop at the end of the road anymore for more tea and biscuits.

  1. Not wear clothes that make you look like the Michelin Man

I’m sure I’m not the only one that wears about five layers in the winter months and still feels freezing. However, it makes you look like you’ve gained a few pounds (well maybe you have with all that Netflix and biscuit eating) and it gets difficult to fit all those clothes under your coat. Now though we can finally start showing our pasty skin that is in desperate need of a tan and remember what it feels like to wear shorts. Liberating.

  1. Go out in the evenings

I’ve spent many Saturday evenings dreading (well not quite) going out because it’s either raining or flipping freezing. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to talk to people outside of my family. So if going out includes getting a bus, train or walking down the town to my local pub, forget it. If it’s from the car to said place, I’m in. Anyway, now that it’s warmer, the evenings seem longer and full of possibilities… I went too far.

  1. Not have a cup of tea every few hours

I’ll probably still do this to be honest because I love tea but now it’s nearly spring we won’t have to make hot beverages to warm our hands up and I’m talking every few hours when the hot liquid has stopped warming our body.

  1. No excuse to stay in bed

Now that it’s bright and warm outside, there’s no excuse to lie in bed all morning and pray the horrible weather will go away. Warm weather makes you feel like you should be outside doing something, not lying in bed all day so if like me, you love your lie ins, just move it to the garden where you can make a bed outside. Duvet not needed.

  1. Exercise without dreading it

Nothing is more unappealing than going for a run in the cold or walking the dog in the rain but with the arrival of spring, any form of exercise seems more fun from rounder’s down the park or a walk in the forest. Everyone picks up a new sport in the summer and it’s forgotten by winter.

  1. Rediscover the garden

The space outside your house finally starts to look less like an overgrown jungle after months of neglect and more like a new living room. Chilling in the garden with a book and a glass of lemonade is just the best. It always smells fresh too.

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