Hey It’s OK

This post is inspired by an article from Glamour Magazine called ‘Hey It’s OK’. It lists a whole hoard of things we hasten to admit to well anyone and they are totally relatable so I decided to make my own list.

  • To know all the Game Of Thrones Kings and Queens but not remember any of Britain’s Monarchy

Name the old king of England, no chance but name Lord of the North of Winterfell well that’s easy it’s Eddard Stark.

  • To get jealous of the kids sections in shops

They are just so cute! Not that I have children or would want the clothes for them, they’d look pretty good on me. Why are they nicer than the choice of adult clothes?

  • To switch off the second someone says ‘I had a really weird dream last night’

Oh come on, they are normally so random and involve someone they haven’t spoken to in years, your neighbours dog and a room of ghosts. What are you meant to say? Oh yeah, I had the exact same dream!!

  • To call your phone and find it in your bag

I swear I didn’t put it there, it must have been planted there. Maybe it isn’t my phone…

  • To start thinking about lunch at 10

Breakfast seems like hours ago, it’s acceptable to have 11ses so why not lunch?

  • To buy one fancy dress costume and wear it to every party

I’m never going to wear it again so why not just keep it for another event unless I want to be Superwoman at work. Wait a minute…

  • To shove everything in the wardrobe, then declare the place clean

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to clean properly. Sometimes you do but you have so many clothes and what are wardrobes for anyway?

  • To fb stalk someone (photos, nights out, old photos, jobs, old statuses)
  • To cut your hair short, like it for a week then grow it long again

It’s good to try something new and you are adamant that it will look good but sometimes it just doesn’t suit you and it’s back to normal again

  • To master one dish and cook it every time you have guests

So what if it happens to be spag bol? It’s simple and it tastes good. My guests aren’t complaining.

  • To avoid fb every holiday to avoid generic statuses like Merry Christmas! And Happy Mothers Day to the best mum!

I think we know it’s Christmas, thank you very much, why are you even on fb today? The Mothers Day ones are annoying too. Soppy messages about how much you love your mum. Sweet but just say it in real life. What’s the betting she doesn’t even check fb anyway?

  • To list shopping as one of your hobbies

Well this should totally be valid. Interviewers might be slightly puzzled at this on your CV but you go enough to class it as one. Hobbies are things you do on a  weekly basis right?

  • To take a 20 minute nap that turns into a 3 hour sleep

You shouldn’t feel guilty about this at all. We need our sleep and sometimes 20 minutes just doesn’t cut it.

  •  To tell your permanently late friend to meet half an hour before you are actually supposed to meet

It’s so annoying when people are late. I mean what were you doing for all that time? You don’t look dramatically different. This tactic ensures they might actually turn up on time for once in their lives.

So what are your Hey, it’s OK moments?

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