Pet Peeves

Here’s a light hearted jokey post that lists some of the things that annoy me daily or just in life in general

  • People talking on mobiles at shop tills

Having worked in retail before, I know how annoying this is for the shop assistant to barely have the person’s attention as they struggle to get the money from their bag whilst their phone is crammed between their ear and shoulder. Not to mention the people in the queue behind you who have to wait even longer. Can it not wait until you are out of the shop?

  • Bad grammar

Seriously a biggie for me. Everyone should know the difference between your and you’re, their and they’re and to and too. Okay sometimes we type too quick and get it wrong but make sure you correct it, it just looks wrong and makes you look stupid.

  • Videos that buffer

Everything I watch on my laptop seems to buffer from Youtube videos to films and it’s always at the most important part so I’m left like ‘What did they just say?’ So so annoying, it should just not be a thing.

  • Use of ‘lol’ or ‘yolo’

I know people who end every sentence with lol. Are you actually ‘lolling’? Probably not. To avoid using lol, if I am geninuely laughing I will put hahahaha in capital letters because it’s SO. FUNNY.  Yolo should never be used under any circumstances.  I might allow it for people talking about skydiving and stuff like that but not on a regular basis like was soo drunk last night, had such a good night yolo. Just no.

  • Adam Sandler

I’m sure he’s an alright person but I cannot stand him as an actor. I don’t like any of the films he has been in with the exception of Grown Ups and don’t find him funny at all. He’s just annoying. So yeah, sorry Adam.

  • PPI calls

No, I don’t think I was mis sold PPI in the last few months and I’m pretty sure I would remember that accident you seem sure I suffered from so please go away. They are a waste of time and effort.

  • Late buses

Nothing is worse than when you want to get somewhere and are late because of the bus. Even when you haven’t got to be somewhere, it’s just annoying having to wait in the cold for it to be 20 minutes late and make your outing longer than you wanted it to be.

  • Toilet roll in dispenser behind toilet in the shore toilets

This only applies to people who live in Seaford and go to the shore. I want to address the weird layout of the toilets in there. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to put the toilet roll dispenser behind the toilet up high on a shelf?! I could seriously pull a muscle turning round trying to reach that especially if I’m a little bit drunk. Health and safety right there.

  • Colouring only acceptable for kids

Why is this so? I did some colouring the other day and realised how much I loved it. It’s so relaxing and I was actually able to stay in the lines and make it look good unlike when you are younger and it’s scribble junction. Bring back colouring and make ones for adults I say!


  • Buttons/ zips at the back of tops

This is one of the most frustrating things ever in my opinion especially if you are on a time limit. Why would you put a button or zip there? I understand it’s for fashion but if there’s no one on hand to help, I cannot physically reach to do it up and give up wearing it in the end. I’m not an octopus so put buttons and zips on the front or sides of garments thank you very much.

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