A Holiday in Somerset

Last Friday I packed up all my stuff and loaded it into the car ready for a holiday in Somerset. It took a bit of compromising and after taking out a few scarves, a top and a perfume and sitting on the suitcase whilst I zipped it up, I was finally able to shut my case. Looking back, I probably did take a bit too much since I didn’t wear 5 of the tops I bought but the English weather is so unpredictable you never know what you are going to need. After having to go back to get cakes (because everyone needs cake!), getting stuck behind lorries and tractors and stopping twice for toilets and food, it was around 5 before we finally got to Somerset.

We got to the house and I chose a cute, French themed room with an en suite (that had a sparkly, gold toilet seat!) On Saturday we didn’t do anything which was glorious! Just lounged around playing the piano, did a puzzle, eat a ridiculous amount of food and watched films. Except a quick walk outside to explore the garden which housed chickens, sheep and a run down tree house which I climbed up then immediately regretted after wimping out about getting down.

On Sunday we got up late and took a quick trip to Minehead to look at the beach. It was freezing and after a few pictures where everyone is getting sand in their mouth and completely windswept, we piled back in the car and off to a bowling alley. I even got a few strikes and I’m pretty sure the Mcdonalds halfway through helped a lot.

On Monday we went to a Cider farm which was a slight disappointment since there wasn’t much there but we made it fun anyway by being big kids and going in the play area. I may or may not have got stuck on the slide… moving on! We tried some of the cider in the gift shop which I’m sorry but was disgusting! They call it ‘Scrumpy’ too, um okay then. We had lunch in the cafe which was really good.

Tuesday saw a trip round West Bagborough ,in which we were staying, to explore the area. It was probably the nicest day in terms of weather and we walked along the country roads to a pub which wasn’t serving food because of a fire in the kitchen. After a quick drink there we walked back again.

On Wednesday we travelled to Dunster Castle which is a National Trust place and looked round the grounds and castle which was really pretty and interesting. It also involved lunch which pleased me.

On Thursday it rained but we still managed to have a good time on a steam railway to Minehead where we went in the arcades on the 2p machines and won two china ducks. Woo! We then went for lunch and had a huge lunch and a big pudding that had ice cream, whipped cream, flakes, chocolate tubes, chocolate brownie and chocolate sauce. AMAZING!!

On Friday we travelled home after a relaxing week and really nice holiday in the land of Somerset.

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