12 Things That Happen When You Date Someone Cooler Than You

There are several things that happen when you get into a relationship with someone who is significantly cooler than yourself. They don’t make you feel inadequate; you just know they have that air about them that makes them kind of cool. It’s exhilarating. So here’s a list of things to tell if your partner is really a fair bit cooler than you.

  1. They have a good sense of style

They don’t have loads of outfits, or not as many as you anyway but they manage to look effortlessly cool in all of them and you’re pretty sure they would look good in anything. They know what looks good on them in fact they probably know better than you damn them. They enjoy shopping too which makes a change from just going with your friends.


  1. They look effortlessly good in photos

Whether it’s a selfie or a group photo they never fail to be looking pretty damn fine, they don’t engage in the mugshot like your crazy self because that isn’t cool and manage to look better than you in every photo. They do pull off a scarily good pout though that could rival any girl. What is that about?


  1. They’re constantly on their phones

They are always on their iPhone keeping up with their friends because let’s face it they have more than us. They use every single social app known to man: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and are particularly attached to the latter because of their ability to be so flipping photogenic.


  1. They’re friends with everyone

They make an effort to meet people and are just typically friendly and laid back which everyone loves them for. They can judge the character of everyone and adapt their behaviour to get on with each one. They have friends of both genders in equal amounts and a few best friends too. You’ve never heard them bitch about any of them, what a swell, boring social life they lead…


  1. They know exactly what to say

And when to say it in any given situation. They are never looked down upon and can easily take control but also take a back seat in a conversation. They are entirely comfortable when voicing their opinion and nothing seems to faze them. It’s slightly astounding and you wonder whether they are even human.


  1. They call all their guy friends ‘mate’

They make everyone feel welcome and important. Everyone is a mate even when they haven’t seen them in months. It’s just a cool, laid back term that only cool people use and I wish I could call my friends that but it would just be weird.


  1. They go to bed late

They go to bed at a ridiculous time like 3 or 4 in the morning when you’ve long drifted off and got bored of staring into space. Whereas they have played on their Xbox, chatted to friends and watched two films before settling down. How?! They get up late too because it’s laid back and cool you know?


  1. They lead the good life

They get up when they want, they go to bed when they want, they eat when they want, and they go out when they want. It’s just a life of freedom that seems so much more fun than yours.


  1. They smoke

But only socially and not enough for it to smell. It gets them in with all the lads and cool people so they can find even more people to call mate.


  1. They drive

They have a nice car and can drive well. They also drive you around which is a bonus.


  1. They have an interest in sport

They enjoy sport and support a team. They play sometimes too and do other manly things like skating. They are also good at indoor sports like pool which is still ridiculously hard to you and sometimes hit the gym which puts you to shame.


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