Should You Follow Your Head Or Your Heart?

There are many questions we ask ourselves whether at the beginning of a relationship, when we are in love or falling out of it. Are we making the right decision is the crucial one. Our head may be telling us one thing but our heart is telling us to do another. So which one do we listen to? Your brain or your emotions? It seems obvious but we so often choose the wrong one and what might be the right one for someone might not be right for someone else.

Our brain is made up of several parts including the ‘Limbic’ part which is complicated and responsible for the decisions we make in life. It governs our attitudes and emotions and is like our intuition. This is normally our heart speaking and is in a constant battle with our head which is much more cautious. Our heart tells us to jump in with both feet whereas our head is telling us to think things through and evaluate our options. Sometimes we will get a strong feeling that someone is right for us and nothing else seems to matter but our head tells us to be careful. We don’t want to get hurt or be making a huge mistake. Our heart tells us that everything is a risk but it’s about whether it’s worth taking or not and in this instance, it totally is.

Following your heart allows you connect with people on a deeper level. We are opening ourselves up to someone and that takes a certain amount of courage whether you are a confident person or a bit more shy. Letting someone know your deepest fears and flaws is a form of trust that your heart enlists in that person. That connection sparks off a passion between the two of you and only by following your heart can you connect on that sort of emotional level. If we don’t follow our hearts we will often find ourselves wishing we did. Life should be about not regretting anything and believing things happen for a reason. We are only able to find our true passions in life if we follow our hearts. This may be a hobby, a career, a group of friends or a relationship that you wouldn’t normally give the time of day to but your heart is telling you to give something different a try and embrace change because you will be glad you did. Life is more fulfilling when we make plans. A great quote which sums this up perfectly is: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Let things take their natural course. I like to think I’m one of those people who goes with the flow and actively says yes to most things because what is life without experiences?

Our heart is also where we feel pain and by allowing ourselves to experience this fragile emotion we are able to make decisions to alter our mistakes. It teaches us many valuable lessons and helps us grow stronger. I read an article that said that by following our heart, we are able to love ourselves. It said: “Your ego will tell you you’re not enough. Your heart will tell you you’re more than enough. By following our heart and loving ourselves through the ups and downs of life, we learn that we are worthy of love and deserve to feel loved. Without being able to love yourself, it is very difficult to share that love with anyone else.”  This is so true and we should all tell ourselves we are more than enough.

On the other hand what happens if we follow our head? Our head teaches us to think rationally. This is good as there is only black and white answers. There is no in-between, no what ifs and the pros and cons are laid out straight. The head stops you from making impulse decisions which are sometimes spur of the moment musings and could lead to grave mistakes. The head is sensible and we have the time to think about every possibility and come to a sensible conclusion. We can also prepare for the future unlike the heart which rushes into everything and ends up in trouble. “The mind will always reassure and prioritize, guarantee and safe guard the best course of action for ones lifestyle, means, and sanctity, security and protection to be a priority. The heart is blind and should never be listened to. Unless you absolutely have no risk, and even then the heart leaves no guarantees you will not get hurt. Knowledge is also power.”

All this is true so which one should we trust and use? I say both. Maybe follow your heart at first. It speaks louder. It may not be right in the long run but it jumped at the opportunity and wanted to have fun. Don’t forget about your head. Think logically about what you are getting yourself into and make sure your aren’t going to get hurt and your should be okay.  As Steve Jobs once said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

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