The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Having been a big Robert Downey Jr fan for a few years now, it was inevitable that I was going to go and see this film. I really liked the first one and the second one was even better. 3 years after the first film, the same crew are back and we are drawn deeper into their world and their back stories which is interesting. They all seem to be getting on better in this one too and the banter from Robert Downey Jr does not go amiss.

Set in Slovakia, the Avengers set out to destroy Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker who is experimenting on humans using Loki’s scepter. Two of Von Strucker’s most powerful experiments are twins, Pietro who has superhuman speed, and Wanda who has mind manipulation and can project energy.

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner discover an artificial intelligence in the scepter stolen by Von Strucker and use it to build a defence system for Tony’s ‘Ultron’. However, it goes wildly wrong and eliminates J.A.R.V.I.S, trying to destroy the Avengers.

It all gets a bit complicated after that but ‘Ultron’ turns out looking like one of Tony’s Iron Man suits. Ultron updates his suit and builds robot drones to create an army. He also enlists the help of Pietro and Wanda whom he persuades should blame Stark for their parent’s deaths. A battle ensues, bringing out the worst in Bruce Banner who is unstoppable as the Hulk and causes destruction across the city. The Avengers all retreat to Barton’s safehouse where his wife and children are waiting for his return. Here, we are introduced to hallucinations from the characters’ past’s such as Thor who leaves early to find out what it all means and a look into the eerie past of Natasha Romanoff who was trained as an assassin . We are also shown Captain America with a girl once the war is over but for all the flashbacks, many loose ends are not tied up.

A mutual attraction between Bruce and Natasha has developed too but they know now isn’t the time to do something about it and we are left wondering what will happen. I like how there is more emotion in this film than the last and we are shown that the Avengers are only human.

Nicky Fury makes a comeback and persuades the gang to defeat Ultron once and for all. Ultron captures Natasha meanwhile, Stark uploads J.A.R.V.I.S into a synthetic body and with the help of Wanda and Pietro, they go to Slovakia to stop Ultron from achieving global extinction. So as not to spoil anything, one of the team is successful in eventually overthrowing Ultron and his drones due to being angry about a death of one of the others.

We are then shown the new base of the Avengers and Natasha and Steve are training up Rhodes, Vision, Sam Wilson, and Wanda who are to be the new Avengers. As always with Marvel films there was a post credits scene which I won’t ruin for those who haven’t seen it but it was short and sets us up for what is sure to be a third Avengers film set for release in a couple of years. Bring it on.

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