The Sweet Smell Of Success

Nowadays, I find myself getting closer and closer to what I want to achieve in life and everything seems to be getting a lot more exciting. Before, I was in quite a low place. I’d just dropped out of uni, been through a break up, hadn’t ended leaving on the best terms with my friends, had no job, no confidence and just wanted to cry really. It was horrible and the first few months of adapting back to home life were quite hard. Thanks to my amazing family and friends, things started to look up again and it’s only gone up from there.

Soon after I was back at home, I started a Christmas job at Next which was full on and gave me no time to think about leaving education and plunging straight into a scary adult world of jobs. Although it was only a temporary job and it wasn’t quite what I wanted to do in life, especially getting up at 5 in the morning to work at the boxing day sales,¬†hey ho, I did it and gained back a little of my confidence along the way.

I was a bit gutted that ended so soon as I only really had a casual job to fall back on and I started imagining having no money to do things. Luckily, this job started to give me a few more hours when they knew I was available any time and it was easy money. Bit boring though. I like to challenge myself and have something different to do. I knew my main focus would be to get a job in writing like I’d always dreamed of so I began looking for apprenticeships. I went for two interviews, sent off what felt like hundreds of applications and didn’t get any of them which is a big blow. My family, friends and boyfriend were always there though, telling me I could do it and I would find something soon which was nice and guess what? I did!

I accepted a job in a restaurant kitchen which is busy but fun. It doesn’t really challenge me that much but I have learnt some new skills and met new people. However, I have just got offered another job of which details will be posted very soon and I’m very excited to start it because it’s exactly what I want to do more or less. It involves writing and blogging and updating social media. All of which I like to think I know a fair bit about.

I seem to be talking a lot about success relating to having a stable job in your life but I really feel other factors are part of success and I’m lucky enough to have them too. I have a great family whom I don’t get along with all of the time but who does? A really nice, close friendship group who meet up often and do nights out, cinema trips stuff like that, a great boyfriend who is also part of that friendship group and my most recent excitement has to be the cute little car I just bought myself!!

I’m now officially an adult! Or it feels like it anyway. I don’t really act like an adult but at least from the outside it appears like I have my life in control haha. Having a car is going to give me so much more independence and I don’t have to rely on lifts from everyone anymore. I can go wherever I want, whenever. It’s taken a while to get back into driving since I haven’t driven for about 2 years but you never forget something like that and I’ve been taking short trips to get used to it again. The next step will be driving to work and eventually my new job which is just over an hour away and involves driving on a dual carriageway.

It seems like I have everything I could need at the moment and I’m perfectly happy just a bit worried where everything goes from here. I’m nervous about starting my new job but apart from that I have nothing to worry about. This makes a change from about 5 months ago when I worried about assignments, interviewing people, going to uni, money, food, whether I was eating enough, my friends, relationships, what I’d do at the weekend and feeling pretty homesick. Wow I was a mess.

Most of that has been eliminated since I live at home now and I don’t have to worry about looking after myself but it’s important to feel comfortable where you live and I just didn’t there.

I never saw myself being a happy person or achieving anything I wanted out of life which is why it’s so important to go out and grab what you want and don’t let go. It’s taken a lot of perseverance, confidence, enthusiasm and politeness to get where I am at the moment and it’s been exhausting but I’m not relaxing now. You never know what life is going to throw at you so you have to be ready for it all to be taken away in a second. Success is about living in the moment, however clich√© that may sound, and getting as many experiences as you can. Those skills gained and people met stay with you for life.

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