Abandoned Love

So this week in my frequent and mostly pointless trawl of Facebook, I actually stumbled upon something pretty cool and thought it deserved to be blogged about. Add to the fact that this subject happens to be a young girl the same age as me and you have some pretty admirable work that goes beyond any creativity I’ve ever had.

Peyton Fulford is a 20 year old American art student with a passion for photography and digital art. For her Participatory Art Project (I don’t know what it is either) she decided to create something more personal by incorporating messages into art and the outcome is stunning and thoughtful. Her participatory platform was Tumblr and she asked her followers to send her messages from their texts, entries from diaries and any small statements they have written. People replied from all over the world including the UK, USA and Australia. Most of the phrases received centred on love and relationships so Peyton used this to shape her work. She wanted to detail the relationship between love and melancholy to get away from the happy, celebratory phrases on banners.

She made 8 banners and hung them from abandoned buildings as ‘they were more visually appealing and portrayed the same sort of distress and abandonment as the quotes expressed. After taking the photographs of each banner on individual buildings, I realized that abandoned love was exactly what I was portraying, both in words and in the abandonment of the building itself, so that is what I decided to name the photo series.’ She is very intelligent for her young age and wrote some thought provoking stuff on her blog: ‘We, as human beings in the technological age, constantly lose touch of reality and begin to perceive the people around us as perfect, when in reality we all feel deeply and go through similar emotions. Ultimately, I wanted this project to bring light to the actual feelings that are usually shared privately behind closed doors.’

Her work was inspired by several projects such as ‘Klaudija Visockyte’s “Please Don’t Leave Me”’ photography series which used that phrase on everyday objects like milk cartons, steamed up windows and shower floors and Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher’s ‘Learning to Love You More’ project, which gave readers a creative assignment each day, one of which was to make an encouraging banner.

Check out Peyton’s blog here: https://peytonfulford.wordpress.com/p5-participatory/ Check out her Tumblr: http://abandonedloveseries.tumblr.com/archive Here is some of her work… you left and now i’m homesickquote by sadhours // banner & photography by peytonfulford   everything is always on your termsquote by maddie shea // banner & photography by peytonfulford why did you kiss me quote by anonymous // banner & photography by peytonfulford i’m hurt but I miss youquote by anonymous // banner & photography by peytonfulford you are enough quote by milly cope // banner & photography by peytonfulford

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  1. Peyton Fulford
    12/05/15 / 4:57 pm

    Thanks so much for writing about my work in your blog post 🙂 So happy you enjoyed the ‘Abandoned Love’ series!

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