Signs You’ve Found A Long Term Partner

So I seem to have these random musings that I think oh I’ll write a blog post on that even if it’s a partially shaped idea and I have no clue where it’s going. That’s the fun of it though; once I start to write, it could go in any direction and take an angle I haven’t even thought of yet. I thought of this idea about 12:30 Sunday night whilst trying to get to sleep. My brain was having trouble turning off and I was replaying the events of the day. I thought it was a while since I’d posted a relationship themed write up so here it is. Nothing special but just a happy little post that may or may not relate to your love life.

I thought I’d shape the post around little things in my relationship that make me happy and encourage me that it’s going well. Sappy I know but I like typing and babbling and blogging and watching my traffic go up on my blog and hearing how much you guys like reading it so I could write anything really and you lot would read it right? šŸ˜‰ Okay, maybe not, I promise it’s not going downhill. There is a point to this post which is this. Relationships. So here are my pointers.

1. Making Plans Is Easy

You know that feeling you get when you are the one to initiate plans with a group of friends and they all reply back enthusiastically and compliment you on your good idea? That’s what it’s like making plans to meet up with your partner. It’s just as easy. With technology so advanced, you don’t need to physically call them to make plans. Texting is a god send. Just say a time, place and plan and it’s done. It doesn’t even have to be anything particularly special. We set aside an evening every week to watch Game Of Thrones which is always fun, although does anyone feel that season 5 is going nowhere or is that just me? Sorry, back to the matter at hand. Yeah, plans; we’re also very lazy so 95% of our plans include food and screen based activities. Lush.

2. CompromiseĀ 

It had to crop up somewhere and is something I find particularly hard to balance with my family members since we seem to be so radically different. Compromise seems to be quite easy when you are in a healthy relationship though and going to see that action film or having Indian when Chinese is so obviously my takeaway of choice are just some of the compromises I’ve made. Oh, or keeping to my side of the bed…not being able to breathe through my hair isn’t that fun apparently. No idea why. I’m sure my compromises will get bigger and hey, I don’t even mind.

3. Every Time Is Like The First Time You Met

Spending time together is always as exciting as the previous time and you feel so comfortable around them. Conversation is easy. You don’t even know what you talk about anymore. That is exciting too. The unpredictability, although that could be a separate point but I don’t want this to turn into a rainbows and unicorns, life is awesome essay. You look forward to seeing them at the end of a long hard day and knowing you will, gets you through that long hard day. Is that too much? Probably, true though. It’s just a mood lifter if your week is turning out to be particularly crappy or another plan to add to my incredibly busy and jam packed schedule. Yeah, about that…

4. They Make You Laugh

Yes, I read those silly little articles on Cosmo about what a happy relationship should be like and most of it is a load of rubbish to be honest. Apparently, guys don’t like sudden changes in their girlfriend’s hairstyles. Well, wouldn’t want to be my boyfriend then. Mine looks pretty different to how it did a month ago and I don’t think it’s been a deal breaker in our relationship Cosmo. Laughter is the best stress reliever and releases happy endorphins. Wooo for jokes, even if they are the eye rolling, sick minded, cringe worthy kind. I love making people laugh, not because I think I’m funny but because it makes me feel good, knowing they feel good. Laughing at the silly things in life, laughing at each other. Well, laughing at my clumsiness most of the time but what’s life without a laugh?

5. Knowing Their Quirks and Habits Better Than They Do

After a few months of knowing and spending time with someone, you get to know their habits, their likes, their dislikes and the little quirks that make them them. The fact they like Game of Thrones as much as I do and that they don’t like mushrooms because of the texture. I know we share the same love for late morning lie ins, Dominoes pizza, both fight for the left hand passenger seat in the car and are both big kids at heart. It makes me realise that I do have little habits and strong opinions on what I do and don’t like. By realising someone else’s little quirks, I can also discover my own too.

So there it is. A not so comprehensive list and an edited look into the life of my relationship.

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