12 Signs You’re Dating a Douchebag

No one knows if they’re dating an utter douchebag until they’re let down for the thousandth time and moaned at by everyone to just end it already. Even then it’s incredibly hard to let go. What if they change? What if they’re just going through a hard time right now that they forgot to mention? What if they’re about to confess their undying love to you and apologise for their weird behaviour?

Chances are they won’t and you can spend every second thinking what if but nothing’s going to change and deep down you know it won’t. So what are the signs for spotting that douchebag in your life?

1. He’s indecisive

Every answer is a ‘I don’t know’ or ‘whatever, what do you want to do?’ Every decision is left down to you which he may think is him compromising at letting you do what you want but it’s a lazy way of saying, you decide because I don’t really care. One minute he wants you the next he doesn’t. Nothing is more confusing than that.

2. He cancels plans at the last minute

That nice picnic you planned or meeting your parents at the weekend suddenly has to be put on hold because they have a really bad headache or a family thing that they can’t get out of. How come you are on Facebook then and listening to Arctic Monkeys on Spotify? Busted!

3. He doesn’t text you for a week

There’s a difference between not texting for a few days and not texting for a week or two. No you don’t have to be in touch all the time but there’s nothing wrong with just checking in to see what’s up. We aren’t only there when you want us, we have lives and plans too believe it or not and we aren’t likely to change them if you won’t change them for us.

4. Your time is restricted to weekends

Time spent together is only at the weekends because well you don’t know why. Yes, we all have things going on but there are things called the evenings and spontaneity goes a long way. Jus’ sayin.

5. He’s on a strict time schedule

If it even starts to get past the dreaded 4 0′ clock or the sky starts to get dark, he’s out of there like a shot. God forbid he stays over. He suddenly has important dinner plans he forgot about or has to be home to help his mum do something. Rubbish.

6.  He lies about stuff

He lies about where he was last night because you can tell by that hazy look in his eyes. He lies and says he’ll be there at 4 but turns up at 5 with no excuse and says he can’t stay long. He lies to stay in, he is lieing to avoid you and you forgive him time and time again because you don’t see past it. You pile on the sympathy and block out your disappointment because it won’t be long before you see each other again and all will be well. Yeah right.

7. You argue

He brings out the argumentative side in you but not in a good way. He picks at every small thing you do and makes it into a big thing. He twists your words and makes you out to be the bad one, the wrong one, the stupid one, the one who is too drunk to know what they are doing, the one who is just a girl so doesn’t understand. SO MUCH ANGER!!! NO, WE ARE NO DIFFERENT FROM YOU, GIVE US SOME RESPECT!

8, He gives you no respect

See above.

9. He makes no effort

With anything! He never makes plans, he never texts, calls, messages, likes stuff on fb, holds up a conversation, gets to know you family and friends. He is just with you but he’s not there.

10. He doesn’t include you in plans

He might go out with his friends and not include you which is fine but when you are friends with them too and for about the third time he doesn’t include you when he knows full well you aren’t up to much, then he doesn’t care enough to want you around.

11. He puts you down

You don’t realise but that joke about your weight, he actually meant or that arrogant comment about completely thrashing your friends at that friendly game of football is his way of saying he thinks he’s better than you. Saying you can’t do things or you should have done that that way, startle you and you just brush them off. Never has it been a compliment, never has it been words of encouragement because they don’t care if you don’t feel good about yourself; only if they do.

12. He only wants a girlfriend; not you

This may be the hardest one to hear but he may just want a girlfriend to say he has one, never mind who it is and if he is even attracted to them. Reel them in and then go distant.

Those are the 12 rules of the douchebag so please, for me if more than 5 of those relate to your relationship, talk to them and sort through it or have a serious think about what you want from your relationship.

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