Iggy Azalea

One of the most interesting, young and refreshingly modern pop stars is exactly how I’d describe 24 year old Amethyst Kelly better known as Iggy Azalea. She has risen rapidly in the music industry with the help of big time star T.I and has come a long way since moving to America in 2010. She is also one of the only female rappers around and has been compared to the likes of Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks.

Brought up in Sydney, Australia, Iggy moved to America when she was just 16 to pursue her love of hip hop music. After settling down in Los Angeles and being laughed at for her rap lyrics, Iggy enlisted the help of rapper T.I to produce and give direction to her album ‘The New Classic’. Interscope, Iggy’s record label, wouldn’t allow T.I to feature on the album so she stayed with T.I’s record label ‘Grand Hustle Records’ which postponed the release of the album.

She has supported Rita Ora and Beyonce on tour and has played at Radio 1’s Big Weekend. Things started looking up for Iggy around this time with the release of singles ‘ Work’, ‘Bounce’ and ‘Change Your Life’ featuring T.I. She has now collaborated with many big names in the music industry such as Rita Ora, Britney Spears and Charlie XCX.

One of her most notable achievements is the collaboration with Charlie XCX on global hit ‘Fancy’ which was released in February last year and has become her most successful single to date. The music video is inspired by teen rom-com ‘Clueless’ and incorporates many of the costumes, locations and scenarios seen in the film.

‘The New Classic’ album was re finally released 28th April 2014 and debuted at number three on the billboard chart. She then featured on ‘Problem’ with Ariana Grande, ‘Black Widow’ with Rita Ora, ‘Trouble’ with Jennifer Hudson and ‘Beg For It’ with MO. An impressive repertoire for just one artist.

To me, Iggy Azalea is a particularly talented artist and more likeable than Nicki Minaj, her songs more catchy and her collaborations always on point. Although not much of a fan in the beginning, after ‘Fancy’ was released I saw how easily rapping came to Azalea and proceeded to listen to her whole album. My favourites are ‘Work’ and ‘Beg For It’. She is also interesting as her lyrics are controversial, reflecting her boisterous personality. She’s not afraid to work hard to get what she wants and will stick to her guns and not let others affect her. She’s just effortlessly cool.

Set to release a second album this year, one single has been released which we expect will be part of the album. It’s a more pop centred collaboration with Britney Spears called ‘Pretty Girls’. It’s been a busy few years for Miss Azalea and it will be interesting to see the direction her second album takes.

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