First Week At Work

So I promised an update on how my new job was going and here it is. Long story short is I love it! I was excited about starting but didn’t think I’d be so impressed within the first week as it would be all inductions and filling out paper work but it hasn’t been anything like that. I’ll take it day by day and talk you through a little of what I did.

I started last Thursday and had an induction with my boss and filled in a bit of paperwork. I was told all about the charity and what they did, given a plan of what I’d be doing for the next few months and who’d help me. It’s all very organised. I was then shown to my own desk and computer which is all very exciting and I share the space with two other colleagues who are very nice.

They helped me get set up on my email of which I have many and still continue to spend a good part of my day sorting out! I also got shown the Facebook and Twitter page which are mine to monitor. I did that for a bit then got to look through newspapers to see if the charity featured or there were any relevant articles. The last task of the day was to update the website with a few articles. By the time I finished all of this, it was 5 and time to go. 

Friday was my apprenticeship training day on SEO which was quite interesting but pretty straight forward. It’s basically like college in the set up of teaching which can be tedious but the hour lunch breaks are fun!

Back to work on Monday and I was looking forward to attending our annual conference. I met lots of new people from the company whom I can’t remember the names of but the presentations were all interesting and I learnt a lot about what the projects do. 

Tuesday was more posters and some spreadsheet work in Excel to record data. I came back to a mountain of emails which took a while to reply to since I have to arrange inductions with all the projects the charity runs. I’m visiting a few next week but won’t be able to update on that as most of it will be confidential. The rest of the day was more social media, website stuff and a couple of new things. I was shown how to use Google Analytics which was really interesting and then got to create some promotional posters for events. That’s my favourite thing to do :).

I have quite a lot of freedom to be creative in the role which is really nice and I was pleased with how the posters turned out and so were my colleagues so that was good! I’ve been learning a lot from my colleagues as they all have different roles and are quite happy to talk about what they’re doing. They’re also quite happy to help which is nice too.

Wednesday was a bit of a strange day. All week I had been driving to work which takes just over an hour and involves motorway driving. Scary and a big leap for a new driver like me. However, when I was driving to work Wednesday morning I stalled at a junction and the car behind went in the back of me. It scared the life out of me because it hit quite hard but luckily both me and the car were fine except for a small dent and smashed number plate. I got a lift to work in the end because I was a bit shaken up but everyone at work was really nice about it and one of the girls gave me a lift back to Lewes station which was really nice too.

Work on Wednesday once I got there was good. We had a team meeting and I volunteered to help out at a charity abseil next weekend! I don’t actually have to do it though thankfully. I’m also helping at the carnival where we have a float, setting up posters in a local Tesco, maybe harvest festivals, a Christmas tree festival and the ice themed ball.

Yesterday, I got told I was going to help out a talk at a local girls school with a colleague and one of our clients which will be good. We also went out for lunch for a colleagues birthday which was nice but the cafe we chose wasn’t so great. It was new and one of the girls’ chicken was pink inside. Not going there again.

Today was back to the apprenticeship training which was helpful but a bit boring. Next week at work though, I’m looking forward to visiting the charity shop and bike project to find out what they do, meeting our two work experience students because I get to talk a little about my role and have more inductions and doing the usual social media stuff. It’s going to be busy 🙂

Will try to update soon on how it’s going but it’s fair to say I’ve already got a good feel for it and really enjoy everything already… except the training.

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