Glastonbury 2015

I watch this festival every year without fail. I’ve never actually been, although if I did, I’d most definitely be getting a day ticket! Not only is it really expensive, but I went to Reading festival last year and the hygiene/camping was just the worst. The music was brilliant and I got to see the incredible Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, Imagine Dragons, Clean Bandit and Disclosure.

The line up for Glastonbury was pretty good this year including massive acts such as The Foo Fighters, whom most of you will know had to pull out due to Dave Grohl’s broken leg, but were replaced by the hugely talented Florence + The Machine. Other acts on the lineup were: Lionel Richie, Kanye West, The Who, Motorhead, George Ezra, Rudimental, Rae Morris, Charli XCX, Sigma, Gorgon City, Jess Glynne, Years and Years, Everything Everything, Twin Atlantic and so many other amazing acts.

I started off by watching Everything Everything who played a vocally strong set and managed to look effortlessly cool as well. They were all dressed in bright;ly coloured sports jackets and main man, Jonathan Higgs, even had some kind of coloured pastor robes on. Interesting. They all looked fashionable anyway. It was a daytime set but that didn’t take away anything from their performance since it was all about the music for them. Their set was comprised of old hits like ‘My Kz your Bf’ ‘Kemosabe’ and their new single ‘Regret’. A great way to start off my watching of the festival.

I then watched some of Jungle’s set which was good. They had a young girl dancing throughout who was much cooler than I could ever hope to be and could even breakdance which had the crowd cheering loudly. As usual, Jungle were vocally perfect and ridiculously cool as they performed big hits ‘The Heat’ and ‘Busy Earnin’.

SBTRKT which I never knew actually stood for subtract, were next on my list and performed on the legendary John Peel stage. They performed ‘Hold On’ and ‘Pharaohs’ with tribal masks on which is their signature look. I don’t know much about this ‘musical project’ as Google calls them but I’m intrigued to find out more.

One band which I was looking forward to was The Vaccines who disappointed me slightly with their wavering lyrics but overall gave a good performance of their big hits including: ‘If You Wanna’ ‘Wrecking Bar’ and ‘Wetsuit’ (my absolute favourite.) The band almost looked like pilots in their navy blazers and white trousers which I’m sure wasn’t intentional but they may want to have a rethink there. Although, they were all looking very suave in sunglasses.

Motorhead were on next and I ended up skipping most of that. I’m sorry but they’re past it.

The act I’d been waiting for was Friday’s headliner: Florence + The Machine who was absolutely incredible. She totally killed it and made up for the Foo Fighters not being there. She even performed a cover of their song ‘Times Like These’ which was beautiful. She engaged with the crowd well and there was an energetic vibe throughout as she ran up and down the stage in barefoot Florence style. She was looking amazing too in tight glittery trousers which showed off her figure and a floaty, white top. Her voice was very strong and often had the crowd singing along with her to big hits: ‘Rabbit Heart (Raise it up)’ , ‘You’ve Got The Love’ ‘Shake It Out’, ‘Cosmic Love’ and ‘Ship To Wreck’.

I watched a bit of Ella Eyre who performed ‘Gravity’ which was great, Rudimental who did a great set in the evening including ‘Feel The Love’ and ‘Bloodstream’. Years and Years were awesome as usual with their hits ‘Desire’, ‘King’ and ‘Take Shelter’. Cannot wait to see them in October! George Ezra was amazing with his knockout voice singing his huge hits ‘Listen to the Man’ and ‘Blame It On Me’. Pharell was really good with ‘Happy’ and ‘Lucky’ and I enjoyed Mark Ronson and Co doing ‘Uptown Funk’.

Also watched a bit of Lionel Richie who was brilliant with his huge hits ‘Hello’ and ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’ drawing the biggest crowd of the festival.

One of the most interesting and controversial acts of Glastonbury had to be one Kanye West whom I actually really like. Not as a person though. I don’t like what he stands for but he makes great music. ‘Stronger’ was good, ‘Ni**as In Paris’ looked incredible and made me want to be there so bad and as for ‘Black Skinhead’. Well, that was insanely good with the exception of Kanye starting it again when someone jumped on the stage. Everyone was yelling the words to every song, such an amazing atmosphere. ‘All Day’ was surprisingly good considering I don’t believe it to be his best. Crowd pleaser. ‘Clique’ was pretty awesome but ‘Mercy’ had me really singing along. Soo good. There were a few that I didn’t know but the crowd were louder than him so there must have been some pretty big fans there. He even performed ‘Four, Five Seconds’ without Rihanna and proved he’s a rapper who can sing.

Well sort of… wasn’t fond on his rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ but the crowd were really good at it haha. He finished with the legendary ‘Gold Digger’ and a helping of self loving for good measure. Maybe he really is the biggest celebrity rockstar on the planet. Kanye Loving post over!

He really made it for me alongside Florence +The Machine. Great TV. I’ll stop now.


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