Extracts From A 13 Year Old’s Diary

A guest blog from a good friend of mine. So well written and on point.

So one evening, I’d taken myself up to bed early, feeling moody admittedly, wondering what I could do. A conversation about journaling and keepsakes sprang to mind that I’d had with a friend recently and decided to get my journal out from when I was 13. I literally cringed even before I’d opened it. Words from my 13 year old mind. Oh man.

So, the front page is an ‘all about me’ page. Not sure why as the only person I ever intended to read it was me. Mind you, it is interesting to look back on 8 years later. Some things haven’t changed. I still have a big dislike for mash and gravy, my favourite thing to eat ever is chocolate and I probably would still consider shopping as one of my hobbies. Favourite colours (pink, really?), my ‘best matez’ and my opinion on what is a good photo of me most definitely has changed.

I’m not entirely sure why I ever started writing a diary. It is visually a very stereotypical one of a newly turned 13 year old girl. The insides are decorated with neon and sparkly gel pens (definitely the rage in 2007), words were abbreviated (m8s, h8, fav) cringe, yes, and I’d stuck random girly pictures on pages presumably to make it look funky which were probably cut out of a Mizz magazine. So, I thought I’d delve into this snippet of my life and compare my 13 year old self with today’s me…

‘Mum let me put down 2 chores ☺ ☺ for looking after [my little brother] and doing his homework with him this morning’.

Fast forward 8 years and forget about keeping track of the chores you’ve done. You’ll be expected to help tidy the house, wash up everyone’s mess after dinner, cook dinner a few times a week and clean the loo before guests come round without being asked. You will learn ways to subtly hint you have done some chores to get a decent recognition. You may not do them as often as you should though.

If I get up in time, I’ll put foundation and mascara on- although I’ve got PE so will prob leave out foundation.’

So, 8 years on, you will have mastered the art of foundation and mascara in two minutes, plus some extras. You will even hold the talent of putting it on in the back of a bumpy minibus, using a hand mirror and will consider foundation an essential sport or no sport!

‘I’m taking £26 with me to see Stardust, gonna definitely look at the necklaces in Claires and gonna buy some earrings’
You still love cinema and shopping trips with the girls but £26 will not get you very far now! £10 of that would have to go on the cinema ticket. Nope, no student discount; you didn’t go to uni! You never actually wear necklaces anymore but you are on a full time wage and could easily spend triple that amount in one shop. Whether you should or not is another matter.

[In a science lesson] ‘…then I was lighting a Bunsen and dropped the lit splint and burnt a hole through Emily’s paper!’
Believe it or not, you got A’s in all of your sciences!

‘Mum says she might take me shopping on Sat or Sun, but I’m not sure if I’m going to have as much fun as I would with my friends.’
Cherish shopping with your Mum moments Jas! Nearly 8 years on, your Mum’s M.E and Fibromyalgia has deteriorated so much, going around a shopping centre is usually not an option, especially without a wheelchair.

‘The trouble is, I want a bf, but when a boy I like comes and sits next to me, I don’t know how to act.’

Ok, I laughed out loud reading this. Seriously Jas, you’re 13. Enjoy being with your girlfriends and being a child. Fast forward 8 years and the best piece of advice you will have heard and swear by is ‘be yourself in every situation’. And it works. You rarely get shy and you find you get along really easily and quickly with the many new people you meet- both guys and girls because you don’t feel uncomfortable in acting yourself. Even if it is a bit nutty sometimes.

‘If she was that desperate, she would have rang me as she knows I hardly look at my phone’.

Back in the days of ringing the landline…However, you currently own a Sony Xperia M, not the best, not the worst and admittedly look at it far too much! You also use an array of social networking sites to contact your friends.

‘I don’t think..…likes me as much as she used to and she’s acting like she wants to take…..away from me. She’s not as cheery around me as she is around….’

Oh wow, a secondary school friendship drama! And this is just an extract. Don’t worry, these things happened but now you can’t remember the last time you had a friendship crisis. You have now established a really tight-knit, beautiful, lovely and slightly crazy group of girls who you live life with.

[In regards to weekend plans] ‘I hope we can all go on the bus and maybe go to wimpy or something for lunch’.

First of all, you can drive and have your own little car so bus trips are rare. Also, I think that trip was probably the last time you stepped foot in Wimpy. When lunching with friends now, you’re much more sophisticated and eat sandwiches, jacket potatoes or salads with avocado in in cute little independent coffee shops. With coffee, because you like that now too.

‘My diets going alright. I’ve been kind of staying off puddings’.

Ok, so looking back, yes you might have been a bit chubby, but you didn’t need to obsess over it as much as you did. You still live with the little voice in your head saying ‘I shouldn’t have eaten that’ and go on little food blitzes from time to time, but you’ve learnt what a balanced diet is and your love of all things sweet you generally embrace. If you fancy cake, you will eat cake! Your motto should be ‘I would stop eating sweet things, but I am no quitter!’

‘Today in maths……..were making fun of my name again ☹’

Do you remember ever saying ‘I’m never going to work anywhere where I have to be called by my last name!’ Well guess what?! You work as a Teaching Assistant in a school where ‘Miss Chumbley’ gets yelled at you by kids five thousand times a day. Yes, you have heard some variations of it (some rather creative ones), but actually you’re not too bothered anymore and have the ‘I respect your name so you respect mine’ speech down to a T, which usually shuts them up.

So there you have it. An exclusive look at what went on in my mind in the first few months after turning 13. Now, I wasn’t sure how to end a blog so I thought I’d leave you all with one quote from my diary that was personally a highlight for me to read. I could find nothing to say back to it…

‘As he went past, he said ‘nice earrings’ to me. I think he’s flirting with me.’

Oh Jasmine….


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