My Weekly Round Up

So I’ve decided to do a weekly round up post instead of blurt out my whole life story in one post whenever I feel like it. Here’s what I’ve been up to recently.

  1. Worthing Carnival

Let’s start with Monday. Another work event marked the end of August and of course the lovely English weather played up and gave us freezing cold rain. Great, thanks for that. It did let up thankfully and our vintage home float looked pretty good as we walked alongside it past the Seafront. We all looked pretty vintage-y too with dresses and white umbrellas. Great day.

2. HMV

I honestly can’t resist this place. It’s been one of my favourite shops for as long as I can remember and I get rather excited every time I glide through those beautiful doors. The problem (or exciting fact, whatever you want to call it) is there is a fairly sizeable HMV down the road from where I work and I may or may not have spent £17 in there unnecessarily the other day.

3. Cake at work

I am a panicky person on occasions and a bit of a perfectionist. I beat myself up if I don”t do things as well as one would like which is why a very kind colleague decided I needed cake on Thursday afternoon. Turns out it was just what I needed to gain motivation for the afternoon and the cafe we got it from will definitely be somewhere I will go again.

Just what I wanted to cheer myself up at the end of the week. 5 of us went out for one of my closest friend’s 21st and it was a brilliant night. We ate at Las Iguanas in Brighton. We then went to The Mesmerist which is a 1920s swing bar. Completely different from my average night out but just as good even though I didn’t know any of the tunes and had to try and work out how I should dance to 20’s music.

5. Barn dance

Saturday saw my boyfriend and I going to his 2nd cousin’s 40th birthday which was a barn dance. We dressed up (pictures to hit fb soon) in full cowboy attire and it was a night of drinking, dancing, docey do-ing and BBQ-ing. Many embarrasing moves were pulled by all and they had a huge inflatable slide which was just incredible for a big kid like me.


  1. NaomiEdge17
    07/09/15 / 11:20 am

    This is such a good idea! You’ve inspired me to do the same but maybe a weekend round up as that’s when I do things outside of work 🙂
    Love HMV also and have spent waay too much there in the past! Also loving the Miranda reference, one of my favourite shows! 😀

    • Kerrie
      07/09/15 / 11:31 am

      Aw I’m glad you approve! Not sure how much I’ll have every week to put in it haha but we’ll see. Yeah, I haven’t watched Miranda in ages 🙁

      • NaomiEdge17
        07/09/15 / 11:42 am

        It’s a great idea! 🙂 Specially if you have a busy week. Yeah same, thats why I’m thinking a weekend when I’ve had a busy one or maybe alternating, depending on when I’ve been busiest! Me neither oh my god, I may have to watch tonight 😀

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