My Weekly Round Up

So this week has been manic as usual. I say again and again after I crash and burn in bed each week that I won’t over work myself the next week but alas it never happens. I’d like to say this annoys me but it really doesn’t as I have found being busy is how I like my life except the blinding headaches.

  1. Back to Zumba!

This week saw me actually go back to exercising after a few months off. I of course went to the gym every day and did a run every morning whilst these classes were off…NOT!! Get real, I shovelled cake and pizza and all things nice inside my body and ended up feeling extremely sorry for myself.

It’s so good to be back working out with my friends. We motivate each other and it’s always a massive laugh when one of us messes up the routine (we have them all down to a fine art though may I add!) My legs just killed over the next few days…

2. Prison Break

I know I’m so incredibly late to the party but how good is Prison Break?! I love it and am recommending to everyone.

3. Day off

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of having the day off and what a good day I chose too! It was sunny for the most part so my boyfriend and I got a Tesco meal deal and sunbathed on the beach. It was lovely until the sun went in and it was pretty chilly. The rest of the day consisted of Prison Break and Zumba. Great way to spend my day off, although it messed up the rest of the week as I had no clue what day it was.

4. Meal out

On Thursday, what was meant to be a group of us going out for a meal turned out just to be just my boyfriend and I at Wetherspoons for dinner. It was so lovely though. He treated me to dinner and we walked along the beach in the dark while a band played at the bandstand. It was a lovely evening.

5. Spiders…

I never like to bring up these monstrosities when I write but seriously have you seen the friking size of the things at the moment?! :O I nearly died of fright when I saw a huge one just chilling on a wall the other night. For someone who is pretty terrified of spiders, the fact they are multiplying and getting bigger is cause to be incredibly paranoid every time I enter any room, especially the bathroom.

6. First Aid

On Friday, I took part in a first aid course for work. I now know CPR, the correct recovery position what to do if someone has a seizure, heart attack, nose bleed, drug or alcohol overdose or collapses. This isn’t to say I would be in a bit of a panic if any of this did happen but I’d try my best.

8. A chilled weekend

On a brighter note, I have actually done nothing this weekend which has been total bliss. I’ve found I can get into bed just because I can and lounge about like a slob. I really need it after a long week and also in preparation for a busy week next week. You’re all going to love next week’s update!

Have a good one 🙂


  1. NaomiEdge17
    14/09/15 / 9:27 am

    I don’t know if your the same as me but I used to HATE being busy as i felt I had to much to do and would put too much pressure on myself to do well,do everything at work excellent and make time for friends + family also, but I now enjoy being busy more as I always have something to do and I find it keeps me motivated more! Also, I too had a lazy weekend, I felt sick also but it was so nice to not have any/few plans 🙂 I just spent time with my family but it was great 🙂

    • Kerrie
      14/09/15 / 10:59 am

      Yeah I think you grow used to it as you get older 🙂 I love having lazy weekends because work keeps me so busy and time off is good to chill with or without friends and family. Thanks for reading!

  2. NaomiEdge17
    15/09/15 / 11:06 am

    Yes I agree with you on that I think, it becomes more of a usual thing maybe? I’m getting used to now i’m in a (sort of) routine with my work and job and so I’m still busy but in a structured type way and it allows me to get things done quicker i think! Yeah it’s great! Defintley 🙂
    No problem! Loving your posts 🙂

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