What To Expect From Freshers Week

Having been there myself, I thought it only right to provide you all with a little taste of what freshers week (or two weeks if you go to Solent) is really like. Whether you live at home or not, I’ve compiled a list of the best and worst things that are bound to crop up.

  1. Freshers Fair Rubbish

Your week will probably start with what’s called a ‘freshers fair’. On the surface, this may seem like a good idea but take it from me. It’s not. You get handed piles and piles of papers about insurance, nights out, societies and weird freebies that you will just never use and end up rotting away in your bedroom. Save yourself the pain and just read it all online.

2. Ice breakers

These have got to be the worst things in the world. The most awkward, primary school themed activities reinvented for students. The whole room looking at you while you stutter out your name and what you are studying. Such fun times…

3. Getting Lost

No matter how many times you refer to that weirdly photocopied map, it doesn’t lead you in the right direction and you end up late for the first week of lectures. Smooth.

4. Hangovers

It’s kind of inevitable unless you don’t engage with all the freshers stuff you are constantly bombarded with. There are so many events and so many hardcore drinkers that those hangovers really are the trademark of freshers.

5. Gap Year Idiots

There is always that one person who drones on about their gap year in India or Australia and how they ‘totally found themselves’. They are seen as cool for about a week until they remember the demands of education and struggle to get to grips with it.

6. Weird Lecturers

This seemed to be the most significant one when I went to Uni. Not one of my lecturers seemed to be able to give a straight answer about anything and the first week was like playing some weird game of Cluedo without the murders obviously….

7. Timetables that don’t make sense

So first period I’m meant to be here but I’m also meant to be in that block too? Get used to the weird and wonderful Uni timetables which try and make you time travel between different classes. Nice one Uni.

8. People constantly asking if you’re a fresher…

You will get asked by every single blimming student if you are a fresher. I advise you to just say no otherwise patronising ‘awws’ and ‘are you settling in okay? I remember my first week…’ will follow or if they are student reps, will bombard you with junk mail and ask you about housing for second year. Woah slow down!

There are so many more things that happen during freshers but there’s a quick guide now. Good luck to all those who’ve just started Uni! 🙂

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