My Weekly Round Up

So despite being ill this week, I have managed to achieve a fair amount (and give the cold to my colleagues, friends and boyfriend.) I do tend to get a bit over dramatic when I have a cold but I’ll try to keep the moaning to a minimum in this post. Here we go…

  1. My poor car…

So I may or may not have reversed into a bollard Tuesday evening after Zumba…. scared the life out of myself! In my defence it was dark and I didn’t notice it on the way into the car park cause I must be blind or something. Also, I have a small car so small spaces are no probs. The paint has now scratched off and I have a chipped rear light -.- Great start to the week!

2. Harvest talks

At work this past month, we have been collecting harvest from schools and giving talks about our charity. I did my first one on Wednesday (or helped my colleague anyway). It was at an all boys school in front of about 500 of them. Not intimidating in the least. I did ‘um’ a fair few times but was assured by my colleague that it sounded good. Next up is the all girls school on Monday…

3. Gino’s

Anyone who lives in my town will know this very cute Italian restaurant and how good the food is. I booked it up for a friend and I on Wednesday evening and was reminded just how nice the place is. The service is always impeccable and the amazing food is fairly priced. Had a great evening in there having a catch up… the banoffee pie is a must!

4. Cold

Here comes my woe is me paragraph. I caught the inevitable cold on Thursday which made me feel pretty energy-less. I was coughing and having sneezing fits at work much to the delight of my colleagues who were probably wishing I stayed at home! Anyway, I ploughed on through and gave it to everyone I know and am sad to say I still have it. Eugh life…

5. Solo Pasta

On Thursday also, I treated my boyfriend to a meal at a rather fancy and romantic looking Italian in Eastbourne. (I’m such a good girlfriend :P) It was really nice, the food was amazing and the waiter was just hilarious, cracking weird jokes. Would definitely recommend it to any couples, although a little on the pricey side.

6. Singing in the Rain

One of my favourite films of all time and just what I needed on a Friday night to make my cold a bit more bearable. I can quote just about every line having seen it so many times (and at the theatre!) My favourite song being ‘Moses Supposes’ and my favourite line being ‘I can’t make love to a bush!’

7. Retail therapy

I’m so naughty! I’m on apprenticeship wage yet I still thought it was a good idea to go shopping on Saturday and buy myself the most beautiful coat in the world (it’s a Christmas present from mum really) a long pair of boots and the new Fall Out Boy album. Whoops someone stop me. I did get what I came for which was a birthday present for my sister but that coat is all I can think about! It’s going to be my pride and joy and no one else is allowed to buy it k?

8. Cocktails for charity

Saturday evening I went to a charity event that was being run for children’s cancer. You could donate money by having cocktails (yes please!) or buying raffle tickets which was the stall my sister was running. My mum won some drinking glasses and my grandad was made to pick up a pretty notebook for my sister because she’d had her eye on it. Cheeky so and so! Good night, oh and sorry if I spread my cold round the whole room…

There you have it, that’s my week. Still busy and still enjoying it mostly. I’m off to my boyfriend’s now for a family thing so until next week…


  1. NaomiEdge17
    05/10/15 / 11:20 am

    Ergh I had a cold a few weeks ago and it was the WORST! I feel your pain! 🙁 My colleagues were used to it after a few days though haha 😀 I found lemon+honey, fruit teas/hot drinks and baths helped alot!

    • Kerrie
      05/10/15 / 11:30 am

      Yeah it’s going round everyone I think. I don’t really like flavoured tea but have been drinking just tea so that helps 🙂 Mine should be nearly gone now I hope!

      • NaomiEdge17
        05/10/15 / 2:09 pm

        Yes think so, a few others in my office had it recently also! Oh okay, yeah tea works also! Lemsip really helped me 🙂 That’s good!

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