How To Spend A Weekend In Paris

So, last weekend 4 friends and I spent the weekend in what I now declare to be the most beautiful city in the world. I felt a little like I was betraying the wonder that is New York by saying how much I loved Pariii but it’s just so romantic and well New York just has way too many high buildings (why so many lifts?)

Anyway, instead of rambling on about how much I love Paris (see above) I thought I’d tell you how to spend your weekend there with a little comedy along the way…

  1. Pack light

I honestly can’t stress this enough. I’m actually quite good at packing (it’s just the unpacking part I don’t like!) except for when I forgot underwear once oh and that time I didn’t bring pyjamas…oh well! That’s what shops are for right? Anyway, yeah only pack essentials and not thick jumpers because it really isn’t as cold as England except maybe in the winter. You don’t want to be worrying and lugging around unnecessary stuff for the weekend.

2. Walk round all the attractions

Suss out where everything is in relation to your hotel before you visit it.  Soak up the beautiful sights of the city. Your feet may be telling you otherwise but your camera will be thanking you for the most incredible photos you’ve ever seen. Paris in the autumn is just amazing…especially when you frame the trees round the Eiffel Tower. See my oh so professional photography below.


3. Grab a deal

Try and see if there are any deals on the attractions. Everyone knows Paris is expensive so don’t rise to their designer level (even if it takes all your will power not to go into Tiffany’s and buy yourself a necklace…) We got a 3 attraction deal which included the Eiffel Tower (with a tour), a boat trip up The Seine and free entry to the Louvre all for 47 euros! That’s pretty good if you ask me.DSC00090DSC00145DSC00111

4. Try and learn some French

Don’t do what I did and start by speaking French then swapping to English when you forget the rest of it. ‘Je voudrais un chocolat et noix muffin… oh um er and a tea please?!’ Good one Kerrie! I also managed to order a really weird pudding because I assumed meringue and what the French call ‘English sauce’ would be Eton Mess. Alas it was not and I ended up with this…


5. See the Eiffel Tower at night

This was probably the favourite part of my weekend. We spent my friend’s birthday sipping white wine and watching the Eiffel Tower glitter in the distance. Sophistication is us. It flashes on every hour at night so make sure you catch this. The pictures really don’t do it justice but here you go…887534_10208070969202036_7456852327664451035_o

6. Go in the autumn

I honestly think this is the best time of year to go to Paris. You get the purest colours of bright orange, yellow and brown. It made it all the more pretty as the concrete was covered in an amazing leafy blanket. It’s also cooler in the autumn but was still warm enough to wear just a t-shirt most days.DSC00123

So there you have it. Visit all the touristy bits you can such as the Notre Dame (stained glass windows in all their glory) and make time for a French bakery here and there because the baguettes are pretty amazing. Photos below are of The Arc De Triomphe, The Champs Des Elysees, the bridge of locks (probably has a fancier name than that!) inside the Notre Dame and the River Seine.

Until next time…I’ll update quicker I promise!DSC00033DSC00037 DSC00074DSC00095



  1. NaomiEdge17
    09/11/15 / 10:14 am

    WOW this looks amazing! I’m so jealous haha, I could go on a trip right now! Its not the same but I’m desperate to go to America, specifically New York and Nashville! I’ve never been. I can defintley relate to the packing light thing, I can never do it!

    • Kerrie
      09/11/15 / 12:59 pm

      It was thanks! Aw, hopefully you’ll get to go one day 🙂 New York is a must, it’s just as amazing as the photos if not more! I don’t really do packing light either especially after all the presents I brought…

      • NaomiEdge17
        09/11/15 / 2:06 pm

        Good! The photos look great also 😊 Yeah i really want to! Haha Im exactly the same trust me! 😂 When will I learn…

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