8 Things That Make Me Feel Festive

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m feeling all excited like a child as per usual really. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet but I feel I won’t be able to resist any longer if I keep hearing Christmas music in the shops and walking past all the beautiful window displays. Even just going into M&S for lunch (when I’m feeling rich) gets me all excited to see all the pretty decorations and trinket gifts that no one knows what to do with. So here’s a list of the things that make me feel festive:

  1. Christmas music

Of course it had to be at the top of the list! I love Christmas music. It’s so cheesy and happy and has quite possibly the worst lyrics and unoriginal tunes but we can’t help but stick them on every year whilst putting up the decs can we? The shops play an assortment, even ones that sound like they came off an Early Learning mix tape…remember that place?! If you don’t then you’re too young to be reading this blog.

2. John Lewis/ Sainsbury’s advert

John Lewis just like seeing the nation cry don’t they? Every year they pull out all the stops to tug at our heart strings through penguins and now lonely, old people accompanied with just the best music. Why do you do this to us John, why? And why is all your stuff so damn expensive? I may be bowled over by the advert by I won’t be shopping there…£90 for Monty the Penguin?! I’m pretty sure he’s not a real penguin…

Anyway, onto Sainsbury’s and the loveable Mog. I didn’t actually realise this advert was based on the Mog books so not only have they taken a much loved children’s book, a cute cat and Christmas but they’ve made it so funny and endearing that you can’t help feeling sorry for this animated cat that actually ruins Christmas. I’d flip if my cat did that…

3. Shops

Bit of a boring one I guess but the shops are all so beautifully decorated and stock the prettiest, glitziest decorations that you just can’t resist. All the body washes are so lavishly wrapped and expensive looking then you realise it’s just Superdrugs’ own…

Shops are sneaky though, they put all this out in October to tempt you. When do they actually think Christmas is?

4. The cold

Why does this make me feel festive? Well maybe I’ll combine the cold with walking through town wrapped up in your coat, gloves and scarf and you just feel all warm and happy about life and all the presents you are going to buy. Never mind your poor bank account.

5. Films

I had to mention those awful TV films that my mum watches each year without fail. I dismiss them as a load of rubbish, glance at it and before you know it I’ve watched it until the end credits whilst trying to hold back the tears at some boy who finally gets to meet Santa. I’m a sucker for soppy films, I just can’t handle them.

6. Wrapping

I hate wrapping presents…with a passion. I am left handed (which is a poor excuse) but honestly can’t wrap anything that isn’t box sized so if you’ve got a cushion or a lamp (I don’t know!) then please take them elsewhere. I did get allocated the task of wrapping raffle prizes at work this week and it significantly improved my skills (and heightened my blood pressure 😉 ) I joke, I joke. It makes me feel festive despite the hatred because of the lovely music and I can put out all the gifts I bought everyone and give myself a pat on the back for doing so well.

7. Putting up decs

Bit of an obvious one but I try to get involved with as many tree putting ups as I can. I normally do 3 or 4 each year but have found as I get older, having a cup of tea and chocolate and watching everyone else do it is just as fun!

8. Selection boxes

I absolutely love those big boxes of Roses and Celebrations you can buy in the supermarkets! I’m pretty sure our family manages to polish them off in the month leading up to Christmas and then buy more for the day. However, we have so much other stuff to eat that we didn’t even need those boxes. Ah dear, what a pickle.

So there you have it, my festive festivities. (Someone stop me now, I sound like a loser.) 5 WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!


  1. NaomiEdge17
    16/11/15 / 10:37 am

    Oh my gosh NO 6, I FEEL YOU! I love wrapping presents and would rather skip the buying bit but I hate being left handed for it as it makes it so much harder! Also LOVING the shop windows at this time of year, I went out on saturday afternoon with my sister and just spent the time going ‘OOOH’ at all the shops windows displays haha 😀

  2. Kerrie
    16/11/15 / 12:25 pm

    Haha at least you actually like wrapping them! It really frustrates me, but I do like buying them hehe. Yeah, the shop windows are pretty amazing, must take them ages.

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