How To Be Happy Inside And Out

I think the world needs a little joy at the moment so hopefully by reading this post, it might make you smile and let you know that everything isn’t so bad. It also might give you the incentive to make some changes in your life so there’s that too.

How to be happy on the inside:

  1. Listen to your body

If you are constantly feeling tired, think about the things you are doing every day and break it up a bit. Little and often is always the way. It may be that you are just spending too long or stressing on a task that doesn’t require that much attention. Drink lots of water and keep a window open to avoid this. Try and eat food that will give you lots of energy such as fruit or nuts.

2. Deal with one problem at a time

Do you find sometimes that you are so busy with not only work but tasks that need to be done at home that you can’t seem to take a break? Know that not all problems are yours to fix and you have to look after yourself at times.

3. Don’t over think everything

I’m guilty of this and it is said to be a typical ‘girl’ thing to do which I find irritating since surely some guys do this too right? RIGHT?? Whoops, there’s me over thinking things again. To avoid it, keep busy and remind yourself that what is done is done and there’s nothing you can do about it. Also, most things are never as bad as they seem so think of something happy like kittens or in my case ducks and get on with life. Okay, I sound a little blunt but chilling out is key here.

4. Don’t take everything personally

I have a bad habit of not really understanding sarcasm and have often found myself wondering: ‘Did they really mean that?’ I don’t like to quote musicians but in the words of Taylor Swift ‘Shake it Off’. Seriously. Not everyone thinks before they speak and through text and online, messages are often mis interpreted.  As long as you know you haven’t done anything wrong, you should just carry on showering everyone with niceness.

How to be happy on the outside:

  1. Relish the outdoors

For someone who doesn’t really enjoy sports or the gym, just being out in the countryside is exercise enough. Whether it’s walking through fields, sightseeing or maybe even a little canoeing, being outdoors can make you instantly feel happy.

2. Find your passion in life

I’m one of those lucky people that’s practically known what they wanted to do their whole life. Apart from a brief spell of wanting to be a vet, I knew writing was something I wanted to pursue in life. It might take a little searching or a lot but be patient and try everything. Rule out what you don’t like and you might even be surprised about what you end up with.

3. Take up a hobby

Kind of related to the point above as it will help you find your passion but taking up a hobby makes your feel so good about yourself. I took up Zumba at the beginning of this year and it has made me more confident and much more coordinated. It’s such a nice group to be part of and I really enjoy it.

4. Look after your body

…and don’t tamper with it. There is no need to change anything about the way you look. Accept what you’ve been given and cherish it. I’m talking luscious body washes and hydrating face packs here. I’m not a perfect example as I really struggle to keep up a regular skin routine but it will make you feel so good about yourself if you do.

I really hope those 8 points made you feel like you aren’t such a bad person and happiness is achievable in these dull (and windy!) winter months. Thanks for reading!


  1. NaomiEdge17
    20/11/15 / 9:47 am

    I love this kerrie, I feel like I really needed this post after the week I’ve had! So busy and not had the chance to really sit and think about things.
    Also LOVE the Taylor Swift Shake it Off reference!

  2. Kerrie
    20/11/15 / 10:05 am

    Aw thank you so much, that means a lot! I really don’t enjoy the winter months, it’s hard to keep my good mood up but it is nearly Christmas 😀 Hope you’re okay 🙂

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