A Look Back At This Year

It’s so nearly the end of the year and we’re in that weird period between Christmas and New Year where no one knows quite what to do except sales shop and eat more chocolate.

I drafted this post in an old notebook whilst eating Ferrero Rocher’s and reading some short stories I wrote years ago. Normally, I look back and cringe at stuff I wrote way back but I was actually impressed at how well written it was. Granted, most of it was fan fiction because I used to be oh so nerdy but it gave me hope that maybe I could write something that people want to read. Something that people could relate to, much like this blog has set out to do I suppose. I am so grateful that people read it and it gives me confidence to write more.

Confidence is something I struggle with at times (don’t most of us?) It’s gotten a lot better this year having started a job which I love and mixing with a whole new bunch of people who couldn’t be nicer. It makes work a nice place to be and the hour commute doesn’t seem so bad!

It really has been a fantastic year which started with my wonderful boyfriend asking me out on New Year’s Eve. We then went on holiday to Somerset together a few months later which was lovely. I got my job which I really enjoy, had a fantastic summer with my boyfriend and friends which included a family holiday to Wales. At the end of the summer, I had the holiday of a lifetime in New York and then went to the beautiful Paris in October.

I’ve been so incredibly lucky this year to have been able to do this and although it has left a sizeable dent in my bank account it’s been worth it. Saving must start next year!

So what does 2016 hold? Less holiday’s that’s for sure! I’ve got to see in the New Year first which will be spent at the local pub with my wacky friends and boyfriend. Then, it will be my 21st and most of my friends’ too so that should be good.

I’m looking forward to redecorating my room, taking more photos with my camera, trying even harder at work and spending time with the people I love.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and see in the New Year with a drink in your hand!


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