Wine Tasting

This past month has been really hard hence why I haven’t posted much and it’s been difficult to find the motivation to write. I wanted to write down all my feelings here but it just didn’t feel right. When something awful happens to you, it’s hard to know how you’re meant to feel, act or carry on but maybe writing about something normal will help.

I’m not a massive wine lover and often find myself choosing a cider whilst my friends share a bottle of wine. I found it strong and bitter and wondered why people even liked it except the fact it got you drunk quicker. Anyway, my cousin invited me along to a wine tasting at Bolney vineyard for a tour, tasting and lunch.

A tour guide walked us round parts of the vineyard describing how old the vines are and how they’re treated before being made into wine. Who knew it took nearly 5 years before a bottle of wine will actually be ready to sell? One vine makes about three to four bottles of wine which I thought would be more considering the amount the company were selling. There were no grapes growing when we went as this happens later on during the year.

We got taken into a warehouse which had about 8 huge cylinders in and a machine which crushes all the grapes. I can’t really remember the technical names for these pieces of equipment but they were quite impressive.  The grapes are crushed first before going into these large cylinders which are all labelled with the names of each wine. In another warehouse, the wine is bottled and put in huge rotation crates which are turned twice a day to stop residue on the surface of the liquid. It’s a very long process just for a bottle of wine!

We then got to taste some wine and write notes on it. We got given a little booklet with all the wines the company sold and got to try four from the list. First was a Lychgate White which I really liked, it was sweet and warming. Second, was a Rose wine which had a fruity, summery taste. I think my favourite was the third called Bolney Bubbly which was a sparkling white wine. It was a very light tasting and refreshing. Lastly was a red wine which neither of us liked since it was very strong and had almost a woody taste.

Lunch was served after this and the tour guide told us to save some red wine to eat with the food as it would go well with it. We thought it didn’t really taste any different. The lunch was good though; bread, meat, cheese and chutney.

It was a really enjoyable afternoon which I would recommend to anybody wanting to learn a bit more about wine or just spend the afternoon drinking!


  1. Rachel
    21/02/16 / 7:01 pm

    Great post 🙂 xx

    • Kerrie
      21/02/16 / 10:04 pm

      Thanks 🙂 xx

  2. NaomiEdge17
    25/02/16 / 7:44 pm

    Great post and really interesting, (I’m not a wine fan either) unless its rose as i knid of like that haha, but I hope things are getting better for you! I know what its like to have a tough week/month/time of it!

  3. Kerrie
    27/02/16 / 3:59 pm

    Yeah that was the same as me! It’s getting a little better thank you 🙂

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