Colour Obstacle Rush

Hello again, I know my blogging is becoming a bit sporadic but life keeps getting in the way as usual and this weekend was no exception. My friends and I decided to sign up for the Colour Obstacle Rush on a whim back in February as a sort of crazy thing we could do together. This was the weekend we finally got to do it.

For those of you who don’t really know what the Colour Obstacle Rush is (you can probably guess to be honest) it’s a 5k run where coloured powder is chucked at you as you throw yourself over obstacles. Bizzare I know. Very fun though.

So we drove over to Brighton Racecourse Saturday morning, got slightly lost along the way (directions are not our thing) and finally found a parking space. Then it was time to jazz up our faces with florescent face paint. I went for army stripes and spots, one friend went for the traffic light look, we all looked damn cool. With that out the way we dropped off our bags and went to join in the warm up which was a bit like doing Zumba.

I was tired after just doing the warm up and cursed myself for being so unfit. I haven’t run in years except for the train which might make you wonder why I took it upon myself to do a 5k RUN. I don’t know either. Hey ho, we all had different starting times so there wasn’t as much queueing for the obstacles. Our group started at 12.

Within the first few meters there was an obstacle which was some sort of inflatable slope with netting and stuff you had to jump over to get to the other side. It’s really hard to describe what they look like without just putting inflatable stuff. I guess they were like blow up poles? Anyway, the sun was shining which was nice but it did get really hot and it wasn’t long before I felt out of breath. I could have easily just skipped half the course since the markers were these small little cones that you could barely see. It was tempting.

My favourite obstacle was a massive inflatable slide. You had to climb up using a rope then slide down the other side. There were about three of these along the way. You also didn’t get drenched in colour on these ones which I preferred. There was one obstacle where you had to roll through this tunnel and marshals squirted all this colour out of bottles. Note to self: don’t scream as the lovely taste of coloured cornflour will fill your mouth. Not nice.

It took us about an hour to navigate inflatable slides, crawl through tunnels, scale hurdles and not get drenched on the foam slide. It was hilarious. It honestly felt like we were training for the army. Well maybe without all the mud…by the end my hands and arms looked like the incredible hulk. Beautiful.

It was a great day and I’m so glad we did it. I’d like to say I’d do it again but I think I would need to be a little bit fitter. My weekly zumba (which has turned into every few weeks) just didn’t cut it.

In the pictures, everyone else looks drenched in colour and I look like I didn’t even take part. I did, honest! The lovely green coloured water of my shower is proof…


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