Photography in the Forest

Today consisted of me downloading Pokemon Go and taking the dog on a nice long walk round the houses in search of Pokemon. I didn’t look weird in the slightest stopping every few meters to swipe away at my phone.

As a child, I was a massive fan of Pokemon and always fancied myself as Ash. Never Misty (the only girl) nope, I was more interested in being the boy. I collected everything Pokemon from the lunchbox, the Pokeballs, the Pokedex and even the t-shirt. I was so cool. So you can imagine how excited I was to find I could play it on iPhone. I’ve caught 8 already which I’m quite impressed with. It’s good because it actually forces me to go and walk about. Get it if you haven’t already.

I decided I would go out with my DSLR this afternoon to take some photos of Friston Forest (and see if I could find more Pokemon). I’m really lucky to live so close to this beautiful place and I managed to get some great shots by messing about with the settings on my camera and editing them on Instagram. Here’s the best ones.


I laid out in the grass to capture this shot. It gives good perspective from this angle and makes the wooden slabs look a lot bigger than they were.


This was a bit of an accident shot really. I didn’t mean to blur out the background but the short depth of field works really well here to highlight the pure white of the flower and the hairs of the stems.


I wanted to create a hazy affect on this photo to make it look mysterious and a bit magical. I used an instagram filter and a fade edit to tone down the colours in this shot.


Again, I’ve used an Instagram filter on this and blurred the figure in the background. I zoomed in on the opening and saturated the colour.


This photo reminds me of trips to the forest with my sister and cousins. We used to tear through the bushes and climb some of the trees. This was one of them which we named the family tree. I used to think the branches were really high but they don’t seem to be anymore.


I put a black and white Instagram filter on this photo as it really highlights the sunlight streaming through the gaps in the trees.


I used a simple filer on Instagram to bring out the green in this shot but it is the least edited of them all.


I was also having trouble with the focus on my camera when I zoomed in here. This was the best I could get of a butterfly resting on a leaf. I edited the colour to show the green and brown tones.


I would love to live in this house nestled at the bottom of the field. I used a bright filter on this shot as I wanted to show the affect of the sunshine in contrast with the green of the trees in the background.

Those are just a few of the shots I took on my peaceful woodland walk. I may do something similar to this again and hope to be using my camera this weekend. The weather is meant to stay sunny. Have a nice weekend!


  1. NaomiEdge17
    16/07/16 / 3:01 pm

    Lovely photos! Just wanted to say 🙂

  2. Kerrie
    16/07/16 / 3:39 pm

    Aw thank you 🙂

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