A Weekend at the Hilton


This post should have gone up yesterday really but as we all know, yesterday’s weather was like living in the Hawaiian Tropic it was so blimming hot. I spent most of the day flaked out on the sofa with the fan blasting, hoping I wouldn’t pass out.

Anyway, this weekend just gone, my boyfriend and I went to a Hilton hotel in Arundel which was a present. It was such a lovely weekend and one that couldn’t have come at a better time for both of us. It was a really relaxing break but we also managed to fit in some sightseeing and ate lots of amazing food.

The day we got there it was a good 24 degrees and we couldn’t check in for another 2 hours so it was off to the outdoor pool to cool off.


There were sun loungers round the pool cuing the typical ‘knee-scape’ picture as I like to call it. Here’s mine below.


After a couple of hours of floating about in the pool and inevitably trying to drown each other, we dried off and went to find a pub for lunch. There was one a few minutes down the road called The Black Horse which had amazing, scenic views. Here’s what I had, it was delicious!



The heat had got to me by this point so we checked into our room and I had a 2 or possibly 3 hour nap… we didn’t get much sleep the night before. You may be thinking Hilton Hotel rooms are going to be really impressive but it’s just your standard room really unless you get a suite which looked pretty swish. We actually had to change rooms because of a weird squeaking noise in the bathroom. After this little ordeal we sat outside on the patio area with a cocktail before dinner. We then went for dinner in the hotel where I had an incredibly tasty steak.



We sat on the patio area for a bit after dinner then went back to the room for an early night so we could fit some sightseeing in the next day.



I managed to sleep through the alarm the next morning (or just sneakily ignored it and went back to sleep.) We still made breakfast though which was light for me but a full English for my boyfriend. We decided to make the most of the facilities and sneak in a swim before checking out and used the indoor pool this time.

We then drove to Wetlands Centre which is a natural reserve for wildlife. I’ve been here before but it’s well worth a visit if you are as enthused about ducks as I am. You can feed the ducks which I did and one tried to take a chunk out of my hand. (Good thing they don’t have teeth!) We walked round the centre and took lots of photos of ducks and beautiful ponds. We sat in on a talk about ducks who dive to catch fish and took a boat ride down the river to spot wildlife in the water.







Lunch was calling by this time so we visited The Black Rabbit just down the road from Wetlands. It’s a lovely pub with an outdoor seating area overlooking the river. We both had burgers which were very tasty. We were going to look round Arundel Castle after this but it was shut and they were filming. We did ask what was being filmed but the security guard wouldn’t tell us. He did however, offer to take a photo of us at the castle entrance.



It was a really lovely weekend away and it was nice to be able to do everything at our own pace. I would definitely recommend the picturesque town of Arundel as somewhere to visit.



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