A Day in Camden

I’m meant to be resting because I think I’m getting a cold but I wanted to post this and tell you about the great day I had in Camden, London. I’ve been to all the main touristy parts of London like Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus but never to Camden market. There are parts of Camden which don’t have the best reputation but I liked it. It’s quirky and there’s so much to explore if you’re willing to look.

The markets are practically right outside the station and have so much to offer from dresses, scarves, jewellery, men’s clothes, bags, shoes, collectors items and paintings. There’s loads of little stalls and if you barter, you can get some really good prices although I don’t have the nerve for that sort of thing!

I bought a suede dungaree dress and there were so many other bits I could have snapped up but I was being good. There were some weird and wonderful things including someone dressed as the Mad Hatter and they’d actually set up a tea party table on the street, people dressed as goths, people with dreadlocks blaring out Bob Marley, there was such a mixture.

The food markets are also worth visiting too although it was raining when we looked round these so I didn’t try anything. Everything smelt insane and there were stalls selling Indian, Chinese, Thai, Fish and Chips and Churros. There was even a stall selling free chicken but that looked really dodgy.

We spent the whole day looking round the markets which span round Camden Lock. I don’t think we even did all of it so another trip may be in order.
















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