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Nothing of particular interest has happened in the past few weeks but I thought I’d round up my thoughts and feelings that have been swirling around my head. I’ve been having some pretty vivid dreams which I won’t go into detail about because cue eye roll and get prepared for a weird insight into someone else’s brain that you wish they’d never told you. They’re the sorts of things you should keep to yourself, that we’re never really sure what they actually mean. I randomly came across a book about dreams when I was in the library the other day and read up on some of the most common ones.

Apparently, if you have a dream about someone shooting or stabbing you it’s because you feel threatened. I guess this is pretty self explanatory if you think about it but there wasn’t much of an explanation for the really weird ones I’ve been having. (You’re curious now!) I also picked up a book on ‘The Science of Love and Betrayal’ which delves into what happens when you fall in love and questions you probably never think about like why we kiss. It’s really interesting so far. I might do a separate post on it soon.

Going back to dreams, one of the more normal ones I had was that I went back to Uni. I did somehow manage to lose all of my stuff, get in a huge panic and leave again but that’s beside the point. I barely ever think about Uni. I used to all the time when I first left and often wondered what would have happened if I stayed. It hadn’t crossed my mind in a while but it got me thinking about my attitude towards life at Uni and what it’s like now. At Uni you are in this little bubble and I believed life outside it would be easy once I had a degree and experience of being independent. Turns out life is harder than I thought and jobs aren’t all glamorous and fun. Work is actually quite repetitive and the same week upon week. No, I don’t have a degree but there’s still so much you can only learn from actually being at work and living outside of this bubble.

I visited a graveyard this week to put flowers on a headstone. Graveyards have always scared me a little and I hate going on my own. I made my boyfriend come with me and what he said stuck with me. It was how graveyards are the perfect place to go if you need 10 minutes of peace just to be with that person. As much as I feel guilty saying it, going up there always seemed like a sort of chore I had to do but maybe now I’ll think of it in a different light.

I’ve been thinking about trying to write something other than my blog as I’ve always loved creative writing. I’ve written short stories before that never seem to get finished but I keep getting random ideas for characters that I’m desperate to do something with. I also got a book out of the library called ‘The Creative Writer’s Workshop’ which I’m hoping will help.

Here’s to a productive next week.


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