The Problem with Trump and Clinton

Simply type the word ‘Do’ into Google and the first result that pops up ahead of ‘Do I have to pay council tax? And ‘Do I like him?’ is the ever controversial household name, Donald Trump. A year or so ago, many of us just associated Donald Trump with his glitzy tower in New York or presenter of the American version of The Apprentice. Many people not interested in American culture may not have even heard of him at all and that’s okay.

Obviously now, the whole world knows of Trump and his notorious approach to politics, his unashamed ability to not hold back and come out with some incredibly sweeping, prejudiced claims. You know all that, I’m sure. I’ve never really been that interested in American politics but I’ve been strangely curious about the Trump vs Clinton campaign, mostly due to the fact that I can’t wait to see what Trump comes out with next. I certainly don’t agree with any of his policies but the way in which he is so sure that he can ‘make America great again’, fascinates me.

Then we have Hillary Clinton. Her husband, Bill Clinton was president of America in 1993. When I first started taking interest in the presidential campaign with no background knowledge of either candidate, my obvious reaction was that Trump was a ridiculous man who was racist and had no chance at being president. Hillary Clinton seemed to know what she was talking about and had been a politician for years. It’s a no brainer right? Unfortunately not. Hillary Clinton has made many mistakes which the whole world knows about.  There was much debate when Bill Clinton was in office over their charitable donations. Reports suggest money wasn’t going to these causes and instead was being fueled back into their own company in New York. All donors have supposedly been disclosed now but there is no doubt that this has left many angry citizens questioning Hillary’s every move. She also deleted 33,000 emails when she was Secretary of State.

A report from ABC News states: “In late 2014, the State Department asked Clinton and other former secretaries of state to hand over any work-related emails they may have. However, after a year-long investigation, the FBI recovered more than 17,000 emails that had been deleted or otherwise not turned over to the State Department, and many of them were work-related, the FBI has said.”

This seems disappointing behaviour for a leader in which the public are being asked to put their faith into. On one side we have a racist, pompous business man who will probably provoke World War III were he to be president or we have an ex Secretary of State who makes ‘charitable donations’ to herself and won’t disclose all her emails. What does she have to hide?

I watched clips of the first debate between Trump and Clinton the other day and couldn’t believe how badly Trump came across. People have argued this is because of the way it is edited which is great really isn’t it because aren’t the media supposed to be impartial?!! Trump avoids the interviewer’s questions and repeats himself a lot. He also blamed the microphone for his bad performance… What annoyed me (and every other person who watched the debate) was when he said Hillary didn’t have the ‘stamina’ to be President. What does that actually mean? He repeated this three times just to get his point across.  Just because she’s a woman, it doesn’t make her any less capable of handling the job than a man. She’d face a lot less criticism if she became President than you mate.

Whatever the outcome in November, I wish America good luck. It will not only affect them but it will affect us too. The UK has many trade agreements with America and we need to keep up that good relationship should our country come under attack. I fear we may not get that help if Trump succeeds. The thing that bugs me most is their age. Where are the young politicians who get the American population? Who want people to have a better upbringing than they did? Who get how the world is changing and want to adapt and create some sort of harmony? They are ignored. Wouldn’t it be wonderful one day if the young, ambitious and less corrupt generation were given a chance to be heard amongst the Trumps and Clinton’s? I wonder what the world would look like then.

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