What To Do When Life Gives You Lemons

I didn’t think I’d be writing this post. I thought this year had finally stopped throwing shit everything imaginable at me and was giving me the break I needed. It seems not. I am now unemployed again. Like it was pretty hard just writing that sentence let alone having to wake up every morning with nowhere to go.

I saw a great quote which summed up how I’m dealing with life right now and how I plan to deal with pretty much anything. “The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.” I will definitely say amen to that.  “It’s when you don’t know how to handle the situations in your life that are anything but black and white. It’s when your own heart feels as though it’s been crushed beyond recognition over and over again. It’s when your path is entirely unclear and you don’t know if the next step is solid ground or off a cliff.”

All of those statements are from a blog called Tiny Buddha and as I went through each one, I couldn’t help but sadly nod at how true they were, but what do you do when life gives you such sour lemons?

  1. Tell yourself you’re not worthless

Losing a job can make you feel like you aren’t good enough at it and that’s why you had to go. That’s not true. I genuinely believe things happen for a reason and that there is a role out there that everyone will feel comfortable in. Besides, trying all these different things is giving you so many skills in different areas. The work place is a tough place to be and sometimes you can get unlucky. Be careful which employers you go for and do your research. I can’t stress that enough.

2. Motivate yourself

Treat your time in between employment as several things. Search for jobs and do things you wouldn’t have time for if you were at work like cleaning your bedroom or car. (Boring but essential!) Think about your options and write lists of your interests and what you are looking for in a role. Update your CV and make some tweaks to it to make it really kick ass. Make sure you leave the house for fresh air and re stock on tea, Tea will always be there for you.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

I hate asking for help. Everyone who knows me knows this. I always think I can do everything alone and that asking for help will slow me down but the people closest to you know you best. They may even know you better than yourself and they know what makes you happy. Let them help you make decisions about your future. They won’t be able to decide for you but they will always be there to lean on and will back your every move.

4. Brush it off

What happened happened and you can’t change it. There’s no point on reflecting on it. (Although you will.) Look forward and think about several paths you could take. Maybe what you’re doing isn’t for you and losing that job will be the best thing that ever happened to you. Act confident and like you know what you’re doing. You’ll be surprised by how much more motivated you feel.

5. Dance like no one’s watching

Music is a massive influence in my life. I am constantly listening to it whilst I get changed or in the car. I can’t get enough of dance music at the moment and actually bought a good vibes CD just to cheer myself up this week. It really helped. It’s a massive stress reliever and is one of the only things that can boost my mood.

I’m looking forward to a busy weekend celebrating my friends’ birthday then getting back to job hunting next week. Keep busy!


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  1. NaomiEdge17
    28/10/16 / 5:33 pm

    That’s utterly rubbish, i’m really sorry to hear that and that’s its happened to you again. I have been in that unfortunate position 3 times now and its horrible, defintley makes you feel worthless but I also believe everything happens for a reason and something will be around the corner for you i’m sure.

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