Welcome To My New Blog Design!

Greetings from my new blog! I’m so proud of how the design has turned out thanks to some great designers who did all the work for me! However, I did manage to do some technical bits myself and have learnt so much about websites and design this week. It has taken quite a few days of me fiddling about and doing things through trial and error to get the exact design I wanted but it was worth it and hasn’t cost me too much. Look at me being all productive. There are several obvious parts of my blog which have changed but the content is still the same and will carry on featuring my comedic insights. Yay I hear you say. So what’s changed?

I bought my own domain name

I recommend everyone who wants their blog to be taken seriously to do this. It costs about £15 and the subscription has to be updated yearly. It will be much easier for your readers to find your blog and you’ll get a lot more traffic without the .wordpress on the end. It’s a no brainer really.

I now self-host my website

This sounds a lot more complex than it is. I’m not even really sure if I understand all of the functions of a self-hosted website yet but I’d say it’s worth doing. It cost me about £35 for the year and gives you pretty much complete control over every aspect of your blog. The one notable thing which drew me to switching was the fact your can upload themes to your blog from other sites. WordPress.com doesn’t allow you to do this. I still have a WordPress site but it’s now a WordPress.org with a company called Siteground (who are amazing by the way and basically did the whole transfer for me.) I believe self-hosting means you will get more traffic to your site too and lets you upload a whole plethora of widgets to improve your blog.

I bought a new design

I bought a new design for my website which has made a huge difference to how professional my blog looks. I keep flicking back to my blog just to look at it! All of this was installed for me and then I added a few widgets such as the subscribe button and the slider. I then created the header image myself too to reflect what my blog represents. This can be changed at any time so I can update the style of my blog as it grows. I can also change the theme when I want. My theme cost me £35.

I set up a Facebook page

I now have a Facebook page dedicated to my blog. I will be posting the latest from my blog, blogs/ articles I’m enjoying and engaging with you all to find out what sort of content you’re enjoying. If you’d like to guest blog on The World According to Kerrie or just discuss your blog with me then go ahead and follow the page. I’m looking forward to sharing what I love with you. Find the page here or click on the Facebook icon in the side bar.

I subscribed to more blogs

I’m constantly reading others’ blogs for inspiration and good content. I recently found a young entrepreneur; Kotryna Bass who blogs about how to set up an online business. It’s a brilliant blog and I think you should check it out here. I’ve also started following Melyssa Griffin who does free e-course about how to increase your following and how to use Pinterest for your blog. She’s also pretty great and has just started vlogging too. Check her out here. I’ve started following Mayim Bialik who does a cool feminist blog called Grok Nation. I’ve got a lot of inspiration for relationships posts from her so watch this space. Oh and you probably know who Mayim is; she plays Amy in The Big Bang Theory! Love her.

So that’s a quick round up of what I’ve been up to in the hope that I can share my blog with more of you lovely people. Please share my blog with others who might be interested in my content and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog in the side bar.


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