10 Things That Happen When It’s Not Quite Official


Hi everyone, I’m in a pretty good mood today. I got a call this morning to say I got the job I interviewed for on Wednesday so I’m no longer unemployed…yay! I also treated myself to a snazzy new laptop this afternoon which I’m picking up next week. Things are picking up slowly and I can finally stop worrying about whether I can afford Christmas cause I go a bit mad sometimes and spoil everyone, then it’s New Year’s Eve so I spend more then it’s January and oh look I have no money!

Anyway, I thought of this post whilst browsing the brilliant blog of Vix Meldrew. She blogs about relationships and is brutally honest, it’s hilarious. Check out her blog here. She wrote a similar post about things that happen when she likes someone so I thought I’d do a spin on this. It’s about that period before you both decide you’re boyfriend and girlfriend and you’re just figuring each other out.

  1. Your phone becomes a part of you

You find yourself waiting sort of patiently for them to message you or reply to yours. You try to be witty and funny and act like you’re REALLY knowledgeable and interested in the new Marvel film when actually you googled that shit and don’t even know who played Iron Man. You can’t leave your phone unattended and as soon as it vibrates you are whipping it out of your pocket to check if it’s him. Oh, it’s O2 saying I’ve used all my free texts…

2. Social media stalking ensues

I do this all the time anyway but when there’s someone new in your life there’s nothing like a bit of stalking to see where they went on holiday in 2010, or what they looked like at prom or what their dating history looks like! Okay, I’m joking, I wouldn’t go that far. (I so would…)

3. Freaking out when they invite you to meet their parents

This practically screams official to me. If he wants you to meet his parents then you’re in! You’re now part of his world. You will have to answer questions relating to all aspects of your life and it surprises you at how eventful your life has been so far. It will be nerve wracking, you might say the wrong thing or accidently fart (that so hasn’t happened to me…) but they’ll love you anyway!

4. The small talk

Trying to get past the ‘hey, how are you? hows your day been? conversations can be a bit hard if you don’t know them so well. There’s only so much you can reply to this to make your boring life sound really interesting. ‘Oh yes, I had a brilliant shower this morning, went to work which was spiffingly fun and had a blinding cheese and chutney sandwich for lunch…” You get the picture.

5. Changing profile picture

Most girls are guilty of this right? You want to impress them and show them you can be attractive. Cue the many Instagram filters, slight pout and copious amounts of makeup later and on your 25th selfie, you have the perfect shot. Then it’s the anxious wait to see if said person likes your picture. If they do then they are obvs a keeper 😉

6. I’ll chat shit

I stole this one fromVix Meldrew’s blog but only because it’s so me! I don’t do the small talk thing. I like to keep them interested and basically plead with someone to find me funny. I babble on and on about goodness knows what and joke about you which is probably a massive whack to the ego but they say people are mean when they like someone right? I like to call it sarcasm. Maybe it’s a little exhausting and sometimes I just WON’T SHUT UP! My boyfriend is such a lucky guy 🙂

7. I genuinely want to know what you like

Girls like to ask questions and they’re normally great conversation starters (questions not girls.) I wanna know what keeps you up at night and what your hopes for the future are. I like someone who’s ambitious and before making it official, it’s great to get to know if your lives are going to just fit together you know?

8. You over analyse everything

Are they mad at me because I used too many emoji’s in that text? Do they hate me because I took too long to reply? Am I coming on too strong? Maybe they’re going off of me because they liked that girl’s picture. Do we meet up as much as we should? They took 6 minutes to reply to that text so I shouldn’t reply straight away, I should leave it about 10 minutes. *3 minutes later gives in and sends a text back.*

9. Wondering when they’re going to make a move

Dates together are always so much fun except you’re constantly thinking about whether they’re going to take your hand and goodbyes become slightly awkward as are they going to kiss you on the cheek, the lips or even at all?! Maybe today’s the day they’ll want to make it official. Am I ready for that?

10. Christmas/ birthday/ Valentines Day

If one of these falls when you are just seeing each other it can be difficult to know how much effort to put in. Why are there no rules for this sort of thing? Chocolates work for all of these and a simple, non slushy card is acceptable. Maybe you won’t even spend them together anyway which is fine too. Just treat it like you would with one of your friends. I feel a separate post is needed for this dilemma.

So if you are in the position of casually seeing someone then a few of these might resonate. Don’t lose your cool and don’t be afraid to make the first move. I suggested the first meet up for my boyfriend and I and we have been together for nearly 2 years now. Good luck friends and enjoy the excitmemt of a new relationship!


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