What To Get Your Boyfriend For Christmas

Hi all, I’m very sorry about the shortage of posts recently. This is due to me working full time again so I’m afraid my blog will have to take a back seat for the time being. Every blogger seems to be doing gift guides and I have jumped on the bandwagon for this post.

I really struggle to know what to get my boyfriend for Christmas as he seems to have everything or just buy stuff as and when he needs it. Not great for when it comes to Christmas! I’m one of those people that loves pottering around the shops all day looking for gifts for people. I tend to go a bit over the top and spoil everyone but I end up finding some unique gifts as ‘smellies’ and chocolate are just un- inventive ideas aren’t they?

I have broken down the gifts into sections for geeky , sporty , techy , adventurous and stylish guys. This may not cover every type of man out there but it’s a start. A few of the prices are very precise which is where I’ve converted them from dollars to pounds. Some items are fairly pricey but I think they will make good, unique gifts that your boyfriend won’t be tempted to take back! I also found some real bargains which I think you’ll like so here goes.


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  1. Star Wars Light Saber Toothbrushes -£2.99 Available here.
  2. Make Your Own Hydraulic Arm – £12.99 Available here.
  3. Marvel Groot USB Car Charger – £32.32 Available here.
  4. Star Wars R2 D2 Speaker – £20.25 Available here.
  5. Joker & Harley Quinn Trainers – £12.05 Available here. 
  6. Pokemon earphones – £16.07 Available here.


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  1. Men’s Scarf –  £11.95 Available here.
  2. Set of two beard oils – £13.00 Available here.
  3. Calvin Klein three pack of boxers – £24.99 Available here.
  4. Mi- Pac classic wash bag- £15.00 Available here.
  5. FCUK for men 100ml gift set – £18.00 – Available here.
  6. ASOS minimal detail watch- £18.00 Available here.


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  1. Table top pool – £9.99 Available here.
  2. Match Day Seat Reservation Cushion – £35.00 Available here.
  3. Personalised golf tees – £12.95 Available here.
  4. Personalised football top- £28.18 Available here.
  5. My Protein black bag – £9.79 Available here.
  6. My Protein black top – £14.99 Available here.


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3. bar263-big-bullet-flask-14. so_the_adventure_begins_rustic_mountain_wedding_coffee_mug-r356ed32602084d26bbd2efe599f74121_x7jgr_8byvr_324

5. original_personalised-train-ticket-print  6. preview_personalised-travel-journal


  1. Hype black backpack – £25.00 Available here.
  2. Bullet Flask – £14.95 Available here.
  3. BB Paintball Set – £19.99 Available here.
  4. Adventure mug – £11.50 Available here.
  5. Personalised train ticket print – £18.50 Available here.
  6. Travel journal – £13.00 Available here.


1.laser-keyboard  2. bondic-liquid-plastic-welder-2

3. img_4462-1024x683 4. original_electronic-project-experiment-kit

5. original_oak-ipad-stand6. 4245232_r_z001a


  1. Laser virtual keyboard – £22.12 Available here.
  2. Liquid plastic welder – £16.12 Available here.
  3. Nano drone – £21.97 Available here.
  4. Electronic Lab 101 Kit – £22.99 Available here. 
  5. Personalised oak tablet stand – £35.00 Available here.
  6. Sony black portable speaker – £39.99 Available here.


Wow, so there you have it. A long list of bits to get your boyfriend. This is obviously not an exclusive list but it’s a good starting point. It also might make my boyfriend finally think about what he wants for Christmas and actually give me a list for once. Why are men so hard to buy for?




  1. 22/11/16 / 11:26 pm

    Men are so hard to buy for!! I had a big dilemma few weeks back. Thinking about Christmas now I would probably get the virtual keyboard (such a cool thing!)

    • kerriecarter
      25/11/16 / 6:11 pm

      Yeah! I might do that too, quite a unique gift! Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Naomi Edge
    28/11/16 / 3:51 pm

    This is such a GREAT idea for a blog post! I don’t have a boyfriend but would defintley struggle with what to get them haha. great post!

    • kerriecarter
      29/11/16 / 6:51 pm

      Thank you! Could be handy for any men in your life such as Dads or brothers 😉

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