Making Small Changes In My Life

I feel like I’m in a rut. My last post lacked a fair bit of inspiration and originality so I deleted it. I’ve been so pleased with the content I’ve been creating recently but the last one just didn’t cut it. I also knew it had kinda failed when barely anyone read it. I haven’t been feeling that inspired this past month and I haven’t felt work has been challenging me as much as I’d like. When I feel inspired and challenged by my career, I find it easier to come up with ideas; so onto bigger and better posts.

2017 couldn’t come any quicker for me. I know a new year doesn’t really change much in the long run but it definitely motivates me to make some small changes in my life. They’re not New Year’s Resolutions as such but changes in attitude towards aspects of my life. Here are a few things I’m hoping to achieve and my plan for achieving those goals.

  1. Find a job I’m passionate about

This probably does sound like more of a resolution but it’s something I’ve been working at work for a while so it will be all about changing up my approach in 2017 to find myself a marketing role. Just a shame it’s so ridiculously competitive.

2. Think before I act

I have a horrible habit of just plunging in and doing things without thinking them through. I know it annoys the hell out of my boyfriend or rather makes him question how I even manage to function but the trick is to just slow down. Slow down and keep calm. What’s the worst that could happen?

3. Know what triggers my sadness and combat it

This year has been really tough and that’s not to say next year will be any easier but if I can figure out what triggers my sadness then I can know how to get through it better. I already have a few coping mechanisms but it’s very hard to push yourself to actually do something when you’re in that mindset.

4. Be more patient

I’ve come to realise I’m not the most patient of people and that’s putting it lightly. I get stressed over silly things such as traffic, or people being late because it’s something that’s out of my control. You can only control the controllables which may be irritating but if I’m more patient then hopefully people will be more patient with me in return. I will never be patient with Southern EVER. They have gone beyond all forms of pissing me and everyone else in the UK off.

5. Be more positive

I’ve realised I’ve become a really negative person recently and that’s not someone I want to be. I expect the worst from every situation and every person because I feel I’ve got nothing to look forward to. I get annoyed that the weekends seem to fly by and I haven’t made the most of them. I feel like life is passing me by and I’m stuck in a job that I don’t really want to do. That’s the negative thoughts constantly plaguing my brain. Instead, I will try to be a bit happier and make a few plans so I’ve got something to look forward to. I will make an effort to exercise and do things I enjoy with the people who make me feel good. I will make a note to myself that Winter is my least favourite season and once it’s passed, I will start to feel happier.

What small changes are you making to your lives for 2017?

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