10 Things I Need To Thank My Boyfriend For

It’s come to my attention that there are several things for which I am very thankful that my boyfriend does not do because if he did…well, I would probably tell him to get out of my sight now whilst I cringe over what my eyes have just witnessed. I do love to be just a little dramatic. Hopefully, I’ve got you slightly curious about what we need to thank our boyfriends for.

  1. Not wearing vests

Thank you for not being an utter twit and wearing the monstrosity that is the man vest. Never in any circumstance does this look good, not even to show off your muscles at the gym. Also thanks for never wearing those really droopy looking vests that have thin, torn straps. The ones that show half your chest and make you look like you found said vest in a tip.

2. Not calling me your ‘misses’ or your ‘bird’

Thank you for not calling me either of these incredibly derogatory names which make me cringe. I am not your misses even if we were to get married. When used: ‘I’ll have to ask the misses’, it makes it sound like you belong to me which you certainly do not mate. You can make your own decisions without me kicking off (most of the time.)

The same goes for calling me your ‘bird’. I am not a small creature found pecking away in your garden. (No pun intended.) I’m also not a common chav and don’t wish to be treated like one by being labelled as this.

3. For not doing the trout pout in photos

Thank you for not pouting in photos to look ‘cool’. It is not cool and only makes you look like you’re trying too hard. Just smile or look normal but not so serious that it looks like you’re replicating your passport photo k?

4. For not saying ‘I’m going to see the lads’

They’re your mates not ‘the lads’. Just criiingggeeee.

5. For not liking football

I’m so glad my boyfriend isn’t a hardcore football fan. I even took him to a game at the Amex ’cause I’m nice like that but we never went again thank god! Who’s idea was it to make football a winter sport anyway? Is it really anyone’s idea of fun freezing their bums off in the cold whilst watching a ball being kicked back and forth? Apparently it is and also to watch it on TV, give me a drama any day.

6. For watching cheesy Christmas films with me

I LOVE The Holiday and Love Actually and watch them every Christmas. My boyfriend on the other hand could not care less about either but has in fact sat through them both just for me (even though he fell asleep just as Jude Law and Cameron Diaz were getting all cute…)

7. For dealing with my hair…everywhere!

Although he moans about it, I have to hand it to him, the amount of hair that I shed, you could probably make a blanket out of and he just has to deal with it.

8. For accepting his slither of bed

I am the biggest girlfriend cliche out there. I hog all the bed and take all the covers. Yes, my boyfriend does moan and I’m surprised he still lets me stay round but he’s grown accustomed to balancing on the edge and being cold throughout the night.

9. Letting me be DJ in your car

I prefer to let my boyfriend drive as I drive to and from work all week and um he’s a slightly better driver than me… did I really just admit that? Anyway, I always hook my phone up to his speakers and blast out whatever I’m enjoying on Spotify. It could be literally anything from Girls Aloud to Royal Blood but he puts up with it and even has a little sing with me. Yes then.

10. For making me believe maybe I am beautiful

Aw slush. There’s nothing more I’d like to thank my boyfriend for than the many times he tells me how beautiful or how lovely I look or y’know sexy, so thanks R you absolute gem of a guy!


What should you guys thank you boyfriend for? 🙂

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