Why 2017 Is Going To Be My Most Ambitious Year Yet

I hadn’t planned on writing this post as I like my posts to have some sort of advice you can take away from them like this one. However, since it’s nearly the end of 2016 (thank god) I thought I should set out what I have planned for 2017 already. I’m excited for all of what’s to come and I know not everything will go to plan but that’s the beauty of life really isn’t it? That and the fact of how life can surprise you in the best ways possible and have you in awe of how amazing people can be.


Securing a job I enjoy hasn’t exactly been plain sailing but I’m hopeful about a couple of things I applied for before Christmas and will keep you updated if I manage to get an interview. They both look like exciting roles and I was recommended by the staff at one of the companies to apply for a job there which was just such a huge lift of confidence. I have also been selected for jury service at the end of January which I’m excited for. Having always fancied myself as a Solicitor, I might finally get to see a court in action.


Okay, so I haven’t been on any holiday at all this year which was fine as I went on more than enough last year but it sometimes got me a little down to hear about friends holidays and see others on Facebook enjoying exotic places when I was stuck at home. Next year, my boyfriend and I are planning to go to Rome for about 4 days. We have both always wanted to visit Italy so it will be a trip for both of us to explore the magnificent history, exquisite food and beautiful scenery. It will also be our first trip away as the two of us. My camera will be put to good use. I have also bought my boyfriend tickets for London Comic Con in May and I’m not sure who’s more excited haha. Now, it’s just to wait for the line up to come out and prepare some killer costumes.

My sister got tickets to see Karen and Kevin (who are professional dancers on Strictly Come Dancing) for Christmas and I practically pleaded to go with her and she said yes! I’m quite excited to see them as I enjoyed Strictly and just love the brilliant choreography the dancers create. They’re doing a mixture of Ballroom, Foxtrot, Tango and more. Another thing coming up this year is a holiday to the Norfolk Broads with my boyfriend and his family. We are staying on a (rather luxurious looking) boat for the week with lots of stops for numerous pub lunches and to feed the ducks!

Other trips in the pipeline include, a possible long weekend to Center Parcs in July, a trip away with the girls, a trip to the ski centre, a trip to London to go on an open top bus tour/ Thames river cruise, a trip to an escape room in London, a trip to Ikea in Southampton and Lucky Voice again for my birthday. It’s going to be a busy year for experiences and hopefully I’ll plan a few more things too.


I’m not going to make any set resolutions because I never keep them but I am going to make some small changes to my life which are here if you want to read them. I’m going to try and be a bit calmer in my approach to life by using my new adult colouring book to chill out. I’m going to try some new exercise classes and keep myself a bit fitter. I’m going to eat slightly better (less takeways!) I’m going to read more and just keep learning about the world. I don’t think I really have any goals regarding my relationships with other people as I have been blessed with the best people in my life whom you hear about all the time! I just hope that never changes.


My blog has grown so much this year and I’m so thankful for everyone who reads it and takes the time to comment on my posts. I would like to grow it even further this year and got  ‘How to Blog for Profit without Selling your Soul by Ruth Soukup.’ I’ve had a quick read and it looks really helpful so hopefully I can implement some of her tips. I am excited about posts I have in the pipeline. I’ve written about three for the New Year. One of which is how to survive the second year of a relationship which will be going up at the end of this week. I’m going to engage with more bloggers this year and write as much as I can.

What have you got lined up for 2017?

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