5 Things Girls Do When They’re Not Interested

I do wonder sometimes how some guys just don’t seem to get the message even when it’s clear we’re not interested? Those creepy guys who linger at the edge of the club and bowl on over when they think you aren’t looking. Oh yes we are mate, we are aware of every sleazy move you make as you try to grind on us. GO. AWAY!

  1. Accept drinks and disappear

I’ve only done this once and I felt super guilty! A guy offers to buy you (and sometimes unwillingly your friends too) a drink in the hope that you’ll stick around and start chatting to him. You drunkenly accept the free drink but just carry on dancing with your friends in the hope that drink buying desperardo won’t come looking for you.

2. Look at our phones

Phones take up a lot of our attention anyway but if we’re paying more attention to the person on the other end of our phone instead of the one in front of us, then chances are we’re really not interested. Sorry.

3. If we start speaking about the weather

If our conversation strays into something boring on the first date such as the weather, the town we live in or our favourite subject at school then we are struggling to know what to say and probably don’t even care what we are saying now.

4. If we shy away from public displays of affection

If I don’t like you I’ll find it immensely awkward if you try to make a move on me. Personally, I don’t like someone who’s too forward and if it’s not going well, I’m definitely not going to let you kiss me on the first date.

5. If we’re unsure about meeting up

We feel bad if you’re really keen to meet up and we’re not but if it doesn’t feel right then you have to go with your gut instinct. They’re almost always right and have got me out of some tricky situations.

Don’t get in too deep and hurt the guys’ feelings. I’ve hurt people before and it makes you feel awful, even if you know in your heart it’s the right thing to do. Take it from us guys and spot these warning signs before we just tell you it’s over before it even started.

What do you do when you’re not interested?


  1. Naomi Edge
    08/01/17 / 7:12 pm

    Love this post and can defintley relate! Luckily this has hasn’t happened to me to many times but why do they think its okay? I go out with girl friends and plan to spend the night dancing with them, not be approached by a guy or want to get a boyfriend haha.

  2. Kerrie Carter
    14/01/17 / 12:03 pm

    Sorry only just seen this! Your messages aren’t coming up in my notifications for some reason 🙁 thanks! Exactly haha, such a pain.

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