13 Things That Happen When You Do Office Work


I’ve had a few office jobs now, spending a 9- 5 sitting in front of a desk. Some people hate it but I secretly love having my own desk and being able to type for hours. Don’t get me wrong, there are some parts of office work which are extremely boring but not all types are based at a desk all day every day. I’ve made a list of those annoying things we deal with on a daily basis.

 1. People who send short emails for no reason

Some colleagues take it upon themselves to be rude and blunt when they email others. Some don’t know they are doing it as their email etiquette is lacking but most just do it because they think they’re somehow superior to the rest. Umm no…

2. People saying:  ‘Can we have a quick chat?’ and being sure you’re going to be fired

Freaks me out every time and it’s never a quick chat is it?

3. Chain drink tea

Being British means you’re impartial to a good cuppa. It’s normal in office work to have 4-5 cups of tea a day (normally all made by one tea drinking maniac who makes them for the whole team.)

4. People piling all their work on you

Some colleagues (who aren’t your manager) think it’s perfectly acceptable to pile all their work that they don’t want to do on you when they have more than enough time to do it. They know you will say yes though, especially if they offer you a cuppa…

5. When your motivation is lacking so you end up trawling through social media

You’ve been working hard all morning (or not) and now you’ve just about had enough. Cue the scrolling through Facebook and Twitter to huff and puff about all those people who don’t happen to be at work and actually have time to tweet. Or are they just procrastinating too?

6. Wanting to scream at the general public

Basically every office job will require you to engage with the general public in some way and what a delight they are too! People will seemingly deliberately make your life harder and aren’t happy until you have answered all of their 2001 questions that were explained in a single email sent to them that they decided not to read. Cheers for that.

7. Being baffled by how many IT problems you encounter (and having no idea how to fix them!)

Lots of businesses will have servers for their staff to work from and sometimes so many people log into these that the whole thing crashes and you are left panicking whether you work will be saved or wondering whether you might as well go home. Other problems encountered with emails, phones and programs used are basically a mystery and you end up on hold for half an hour to the IT department trying to sort it. Fun times.

8. Wondering how some colleagues even got their jobs as they don’t do any work

Some colleagues like to chat…a lot, but they don’t seem to get anything done. They moan about all the work they have to do and the clients they have but do nothing about it. The disorganised but worked there for years type who must be spectacular at interviews but not so good at their actual job.

9. Being privy to all office gossip

You come to know all about Betty’s holiday to Spain and how John never turns up to any board meetings or replies to emails which is really pissing off everyone in his team. You know who to avoid and who’s going to be your ally in the world of work.

10.  Avoiding the tasks you hate then having a whole list of horrible tasks you should have done weeks ago

We all do it don’t we? Get the short, easy tasks out of the way first and delay the boring, long tasks that just aren’t worth doing but need to be done some time. Then you look at your list and try not to cry about how your afternoon is going to drag and be mostly spent procrastinating.

11. Delete something you weren’t meant to and feeling immensely guilty

Oh the shame and the sheer, utter panic of deleting something. You click in panic trying to get it back and search the recycle bin wondering why it’s so hard to find. Sit tight and pray your manager doesn’t notice.

12. Wondering why it’s only 9:30 when you checked you watch at least two hours ago surely?

Time goes slowly when you don’t want it to. Slower than you ever thought it could go and it’s excruciating watching each minute go past. You eventually give in and do some work.

13. Having a few days or god forbid a week off and coming back to a mountain of emails that make you want to cry.

So many emails where you are copied into stuff that you don’t really need, others that require so much work and others you will probably never read. Prepare to spend your whole day going through them.

What sort of things always happen to you lot at work?


  1. Naomi Edge
    13/01/17 / 5:03 pm

    I can so relate to this! Makes me not miss my last job at all haha. I always thought no 2 when someone wanted to chat to me, i was so paranoid!

  2. Kerrie Carter
    14/01/17 / 12:06 pm

    Haha I know, the general public one gets me the most and the IT problems! Yeah hahaha same, they should just phrase it in another way then I wouldn’t be freaking out!

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